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Inexpensive videography?

Hi...I posted on this board a few times. I'm actually a former Knottie who is now planning my daughter's Bat Mitzvah for November 2013. Our budget is tight and I'm trying to decide if/how to fit videography into it. I'd like someone at a minimum to film the service and if budget allows, the party. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive videographer who's work is good? So much has chanced in the world of videography since I was married in 1999! If you have recommendations, can you tell me what you paid? What's reasonable today? Thanks, ladies!

Re: Inexpensive videography?

  • I highly recommend JCastro Films. Jonathan is great to work with and he try's his best to accommodate potential clients. Let him know Dania sent you.
  • You'll pay a minimum of $1000 for anything decent. Less than that and you're sure to get a hobbyist who will give you a video that looks like your uncle shot it on his VHS camera, or you'll be lucky to get anything at all. I paid $3000 for my wedding video and it was spectacular - and there are some places that charge 5 to 10 thousand for a video, but that doesn't mean you have to go That high. Price it around, make sure you're getting it in HD on blue ray disc (a lot of places will lie and claim its in HD and on a DVD, but DVDs cant play high def!) and be sure to ask if they use lighting for the cameras (its a must!) and if they have a minimum of 10 hours of battery. My sister in law doesn't have a wedding video because the (professional!) videographer she hired only had the battery that came with his camera, which ran out after an hour!
  • My daughter's videographer was Captivated Films.  Javier was recommended to us by a good friend.  Super professional, nice and reasonably priced. HTH!
  • Thanks, ladies!
  • Just my 2 cents.....

    But I'm of the opinion that if I can't afford something I'm going to LOVE....then I just don't do it at all.  Its beter to have saved the $$$ than wasted it. KWIM?  
    Joshua + Katie | 3.16.2014
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