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Tux vendor

Does anyone have any recommendations on a tuxedo vendor? We're looking for something nice, but budget friendly.

I've looked at American Commodore and Tuxedo Junction, but they seem fairly similar.

Re: Tux vendor

  • We really liked Men's Wearhouse and they have tuxes at a range of budgets.
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  • We went with Mens Warehouse...They have been great to work with. 
  • I'm going with tuxedo junction - they're right around the corner an they were very friendly when we went in, which unknowingly to us was a few minutes before they were set to close, but they took their time and were very pleasant.  I'd highly advise against american commodore....  I went to a bridal show @ the ritz carlton and they were drinking alcoholic beverages infront of everyone that was there!  We went into a location, a guy handed us a brochure and walked away so we walked out.  Worst customer service ever!
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