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programs, menus and other paper products.

Did you/are you having programs and menus and other paper products at your wedding?

Did you DIY or did you order them from somewhere?

If you DIY, where did you find your templates?


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Re: programs, menus and other paper products.

  • Nope and I'm glad we didn't. It was an extra thing which we would have needed to get for an at the end of the day, people will either throw it away or not bother to look. This is why we didn't even bother with it. The only thing we did were signs for our wishing tree, card box, sparklers and etc. My hubby's best friend did our signs since he had more choices for fonts than we did and they came out nice. If you really want these items then keep an eye out for Vista Print deals.
  • We didn't do them for the same reason as Dania. Unless you have a specialized ceremony that will require explanations because most of your guests will be lost, I don't think a program is a requirement. Ditto on the menu- if you're serving something unique & unusual, then a menu would be a good idea, otherwise don't worry about it.\
    We also did a couple signs but I had a doh! moment and didn't make one for our guest book which I now regret. I wanted people to sign & write a message for us, but since my parents and a few bridal party members were first to sign & didn't do this, no one else did either. So if there is something you definitely would like to encourage your guests to do, be sure to make a sign for it letting them know.
  • Thank you ladies. One less thing to worry about.
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  • We did programs because we had a Catholic mass and not a lot of our guests were Catholic so we wanted them to know what was going on. We bought a kit from Michaels.
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