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Vendor raves!

I had my floral and decor trial yesterday, and I have two vendor raves :)

1. Jackie Ohh ... Events.
She is THE BEST. I love her to bits. The entire time her suggestions were right on, she has extremely good taste, an excellent bridge between the Breakers Design Studio and me. I felt much better with her there, she absolutely knows what she's doing.

Her positive attitude, perfect suggestions and general helpfulness truly make me glad I went with her.

I had a very strict no green policy on the floral department. No stems, no leaves. I only wanted roses, just because I'm not much of a flower girl to start with. But both Kim (Breakers Design Studio) and Jackie showed me amazing options to achieve the look I wanted. Which leads me to my second rave:

2. The Breakers Design Studio.

I have to admit when I first walked into the ballroom I was not thrilled. I could see green ... a lot of it. I was put off at first, and as soon Kim saw I was not over the roof with happiness, she took me, mom in law and Jackie to the Design Studio headquarters (we passed through the kitchen, it was funny lol).

And we started from scratch. After 1 whole hour of brianstorming, we achieved the look with roses (black magic and classic lady), dahlias, burgundy hydrangeas, and some others I forget their name lol.

All in all, I walked away VERY happy with the trial, and very confident the Design Studio will outdo themselves on the day of.

Okay that's all lol, thanks for letting me share!

I'll post some pictures when I'm done uploading them :)

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