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E-Pic Location Any Ideas???

Happy Thursday!!! We are taking our e-pics in two weeks and I really DON'T want to have the usual "us walking on the beach" pictures. The theme of our wedding is Southern Sophistication, so I am imagining lush greenery with a body of water nearby (for a nice "picnic" shot). I also thought it would be nice if we had some shots at a building with plantation-style architecture. What are your thoughts???
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Re: E-Pic Location Any Ideas???

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    Check out the Bonnet House, Casa Reta and Thalatta Estate.
  • We did ours at Vizcaya.  It was pricey for the permit, but the pics cme out great and it was totally worth it.
  • Vizcaya would be my suggestion or maybe the Spanish Monestary (not exactly the look you described but would work)!

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  • I second the Bonnet House and would also suggest the Sundy House, Jacaranda Country Club and Plantation Preserve.
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    We just did our this weekend at Matheson Hammock park in Pinecrest. There are beautiful trees and mangroves in the park, and there's also a lake with picnc tables. It doesn't have any plantation-style architecture though, but still very pretty and "floridian".

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