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Has anyone been to a wedding here or had a wedding here? We fell in love with the architecture today and really want to book it, but then of course we went home and read reviews... and they aren't all great. Any tips or thoughts?

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    I never went to a wedding there but I did live across the street for two years and went to their pool/restaurant/spa quite a bit.  My roommate was a cocktail waitress for them also.  Always had a good expierence, sometimes the food/drink service at the pool was painfully slow but thats my only complaint and I never cared much cause I was at the pool having a great day anyways.  It is a really cool building :) I know thats not super helpful cause its not a wedding but its all I got :)
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    This is my personal experience:

    My FSIL got married there and had a couple of issues.  The hotel had gone through some changes around the time of her wedding -- I think the restaurant had closed or that was the excuse.
    So we get to the cocktail hour which ran a little late because the room was not ready.  Instead of letting the cocktail hour run a little long, they started charging people.
    Once we got into the room and got served, it was nothing like the tasting.  The chicken was so very cold and dry no one could eat it.
    ON THE PLUS SIDE they were so sorry, they refunded some money.
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    Thanks for the input, ladies. We're so tired of venue shopping!
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