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Costco Postcard for STD?

Wondering what you all think about using Costco Postcards as my STDs? They are 0.69 cents and you can type in both address and return address and even the message if you'd like. FI and I took a few pictures of our date and initials written in the sand with a wave across the top (we are getting married on the beach) and are working on editing the photo to put on the front of the postcard.  

Should we:
 A) put STD, and typical info on the photo so its on the front of the post card and write or type a message like "hope you can make it" or something like "come wiggle your toes in the sand with us" (this might be cheesy?)

or B) just put the photo and type the info in the message (our full names, date, location, website). 

Is this a good idea or bad idea? Any pitfalls you might see? TIA!

Re: Costco Postcard for STD?

  • I think that'll work just fine. I ordered postcard STD's from Vista Print. I had a picture of FI and myself on the front with only our names and then all the info on the back. Everyone loved them. I think your plan B would work just great.
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  • Are you sure it's Costco or is it Wedding Paper Divas? Costco members get 20% off of Wedding Paper Divas, so my postcard STDs came to just slightly above the $.69 that you mentioned. 

    Personally, I LOVED the postcard! Postage is cheaper, which is an added bonus. We got a ton of compliments on them. I put a picture in the front, a message on the back left hand side, and then JUST the guests address on the right side. The only down side is that if you have the address wrong, your return address isn't on it so it won't get bounced back to you. However, as far as I know, everyone who was supposed to get ours got it.
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  • Thanks for the input! PhiSig- They are actually through Costco's photo center. I went back and checked and you are able to put in both address and return address- thank you for thinking of that! :)
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