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Question for Keys brides

Hi ladies --
We're getting married next month at Little Palm Island near Key West.  I'm trying to find a limo company in the Keys to take our guests down to Key West for the rehearsal dinner, but I'm having trouble finding a company that A) can accomodate 12 people in one limo or B) is still in business.  It seems like a lot of companies out there on the internet have gone out of business over the past year or so.  I really don't want to split up our guests in two limos because it seems like that would defeat the purpose, so we're looking for a big Expedition limo or Hummer or something.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I've posted this on forums on tripadvisor.com and I'm getting suggestions for taxi companies and tour vans -- not exactly the atmosphere I was hoping to create for my guests!!! 
Thanks ladies in advance!

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