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Pine ridge consultant bad review ....Help!

My fiancé and I recently decided to go with pine ridge country club after researching many many venues. I finally got super excited about it thought it was perfect! I started researching reviews and read horrible things about the women in charge and how unorganized she is...a brides nightmare!! This is scaring me away from committing after I have decided that this is the one. Should I change venues or just have faith it will work out? Do I have any other options? I need advice from anyone who has done a wedding at pine ridge or has a similar situation.....Thanks!

Re: Pine ridge consultant bad review ....Help!

  • If you really like them and have had a good vibe with them you coud try it. Hopefully they have addressed the issues with the other women and yours maybe a different experience from them. Maybe reach out to the staff and voice your concerns before you commit.
  • Hi!
    I also went and looked at Pine Ridge and it is one of my top choices. I also read the bad reviews and was unsure how I felt. At our meeting the lady was nice but the issue I had with her was she wasn't very informative just kinda handed me the information and asked if I had any questions. I am sure she has been doing this for years so she definetly has the expertise and knows what she is doing. I think if you really love the venue and know it is the one don't let the reviews scare you away like LatashaO said everyone's experience is different. Hope that helps!  
  • I too felt the same way when we first met with her.   I got nervous and felt uneasy so I talked with a few people who had weddings there and they had nothing but good things to say about her and how beauitful their receptions were.  You have to understand that she probably sees many many brides with not everyone committing.  Once we put down the downpayment and secured a date, she was perfectly fine and 100% helpful.  We are extremely excited to for our wedding day and will be there in October for another wedding.  The food is amazing and the place is beautiful.  For us, there were too many pros that outweighed a bad first impression from her.
  • Thanks everyone! You guys made me feel a lot better!! Now I'm excited again about the venue and can't wait :) I think we will just try to make the best of any difficult situations and everything will work out !
  • My sister had her wedding there and it was fabulous! We would've booked there'd but the dates didn't work. She's ok, heard some complaints, but it will all be wonderful in the end!
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    I've been to several weddings at Pine Ridge and they were all gorgeous and well run. I haven't read any bad reviews, so based on what I've experienced I say go for it
  • i went to a wedding there it was gorgeous! i wanted mine there but it was booked, and i was not waiting a year! lol,
    its catered by dinos, whose food is great too! have a good time!
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