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Recipe Thursday!!!

Do you have any good ones to share?  Or do you have a recipe you're looking for?

Re: Recipe Thursday!!!

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    I made this one last night it was sooo good we are having leftovers tonight :)

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    I made chicken lo mein on Tuesday night and FI loved it.  It's low fat and super easy to make:
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    You ladies MUST try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TEXAS CAVIAR Dressing: 

    1 cup sugar

    1/3 cup oil

    3 /4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

    1 tsp pepper

     Bring above to boil and then set aside to cool.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Mix the following in a large bowl:

    1 green pepper chopped

    1 red pepper chopped

    1 yellow pepper chopped

    Celery chopped

    1 large onion chopped

    Canned or fresh Jalapenos – one or two depending on how hot you want it

        Rinse the following and drain very well:

    1 can black beans

    1 can pinto beans

    1 can white or shoe peg corn

    1 can hominy if you want

    When well-drained, add to fresh chopped peppers, etc. 

    You can really use whatever veggies and beans
     you want in this. 

    The dressing is what makes it taste so good.

     Pour cooled dressing over all the ingredients and mix together.

    Refrigerate over night. 

    You might want to drain off some of the juice
    before you serve.

    This makes a lot and will last for days in the refrigerator. 

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