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Marriage license - time to apply?

Can anyone tell me how much time I should set aside to apply for our marriage license?  I was planning on 3-4 hours, but might need to shorten it to 2.  Will that be enough time?  

Re: Marriage license - time to apply?

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    We got ours in Cuyahoga county and it took about 5-10 minutes at the counter. I can't imagine they'd ever be busy enough for it to take more than an hour, so I would think 2 hours should be more than enough time. Just make sure you have everything you both need and CASH to pay for it, plus cash for the parking garage. Good luck!
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  • starshine985starshine985 member
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    I agree with pp... we were in and out with 10-15 minutes.  2 hours is WAY more than enough time.  :)
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  • natatomicnatatomic member
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    FI and I are going this Saturday morning. I'm so happy that the courthouse has weekend hours! So, we will see how long that takes. I was able to download the paperwork offline and fill it out. I'm hoping that will save some time.

    ?I'll let you know!


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    10 minutes Cuyahoga County $40 cash only and ID's
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