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Much Overdue Review (LONG)

Hi Ladies!

I got married 05/29/10 and below are my reviews. I hope that they can help everyone. Before I get started I would like to thank all of you. From great recs to answering random questions you ladies really helped make my wedding planning a lot easier. Keep up the great work and take care!

Music: DJ Ubis (305) 220-0450

He was AMAZING! He kept great and current music playing the entire reception. Also, I had a few strict Do NOT PLAY requests and he complied!  Everyone was dancing and having a great time. My dad did not sit down for any song even when they played hip-hop! If anyone can make my dad dance his own version of hip-hop they are a great DJ in my book! Throughout the whole experience he was also very professional, answered all my calls, voicemails and emails.

DOC: Stylish Events by Karla B. http://www.stylishevents.net/index2.php#/home/

I frantically searched for a DOC for about a week and kept coming across prices that were waaaayyyy over my budget. In need of a DOC fast I posted on the board in hopes to get some recs that were more reasonably priced and still offered the same quality services. I decided to give Karla a try as many girls highly recommended her. She truly made my entire day a breeze. I was able to kick back and enjoy the day with my BMs without a care in the world that anything would go wrong. From our first meeting I knew Karla would be my DOC she was professional, on point and had some great recs for me. A month before the wedding and I still didn't have a make up artist, Karla came to the rescue with Jorge Pena (but more on him in a minute). The ceremony was running late and Karla handled the situation with calm which in turn made me calm just minutes before walking down the aisle. I had very little time to plan my entire wedding because we were moving out of Florida just days after the wedding so I was still sending last minute emails to Karla the night before the wedding. She answered them, called me and kept in touch! Ladies, the one thing I would recommend to all of you is get a DOC and Karla is not only reasonably priced but you get so much more than what you pay for!

Hair: Sandra Larraud (please contact me for her info if needed)

Months before the wedding I kept having wedding day nightmares. Among those I had one where I did not have a hair dresser for the wedding. Through a co-worker I found Sandra and my nightmares disappeared! She is not only a great person but an amazing hair stylist. Sandra has been doing hair for a long time and it shows! She has experience and will tell you what she thinks will look good on you. For example, I have thin hair and it is not too long and with tons of layers which is bad for any updo, which is what I wanted. I took Sandra a picture of what I wanted for my hair trial and she told me that the same exact hair style would not be possible because my hair is not long enough. I even considered hair extensions. NO NEED, Sandra created a hairstyle that was very similar to what I showed her and it came out amazing! She tried various styles until we were both happy with one of them and at no additional cost! She is meticulous and works FAST! I needed both of those things since there were 5 BMs and myself that needed to get ready. She showed up earlier than expected to set up(with an assistant) and was done with plenty of time to spare. All of our hairstyles lasted and let me just say we had an outdoor ceremony and my BMs had their hair in curls! None of their dos fell flat! I adore her and willl continue to go to her for haircuts whenever I am in Miami again.

Make-up: Jorge Pena http://jpennhairandmakeupartist.com/?cat=5

As I mentioned before, I found Jorge through Karla my DOC. Just from speaking to him on the phone and looking through his website I was so confident in his work that I did not even schedule a trial run! He was incredible to say the least! Throughout the entire experience he was also very professional. I had two looks in mind for my wedding look (both completely opposite) and I left it up to him to decide which he thought would look best. Having only seen one picture of me before my big day (a camera phone shot) he was prepared and ready for me and my BMs as if he had known us and our skin for years! He worked fast and efficiently. He also applies false lashes and body make up. He told me about this when we spoke on the phone the first time and I knew I would be doing false lashes for sure! I told my BMs about it and left it up to them to decide according to their budget. They had all said no. The day of: after one BM did it they all wanted false lashes and he was prepared for it too! They came out amazing and stayed on all day even after sweating, dancing and an outdoor reception in May! All of our make up lasted which is amazing since most of us have oily and problem skin. Jorge is a STAR in his line of work and a sweet heart!

Centerpieces: Coral gables Whole Foods Floral Department

I had never thought that Whole Foods did centerpieces for events before this. I was on a strict budget and could not spend a lot of money on arrangements (I needed 12). A friend of mine that got married a few months before me pulled her wedding off with only a month to plan! She told me that her arrangements were from Whole Foods. WHAT?! I told her. I remember them being pretty complex and beautiful arrangements and had no idea Whole Foods could produce this! I quickly scheduled an appointment to go in talk to them about it. I spoke to Lee who is in charge of the floral department. He was very honest from the beginning. I wanted hydangeas and he told me that they were a very tempramental flower and could not undergo any stress on the day of. I should mention that Whole Foods does not deliver but luckily my venue set them up for me and my hubby picked them up the day of when Whole Foods opened at 8AM so it worked out perfectly. A few weeks after meeting with Lee I took him the materials so that he can create a sample for me. When I came in to see it (just a week later) I almost cried...tears of joy! I never thought that my centerpiece could look so beautiful!!!! I also did my bouquet there and when I saw the sample it was simply spectacular! My BMs bouquets were also from there and they looked amazing as well! The centerpieces held up beautifully the day of and everyone took one home! The only thing is that you have to buy your own materials i.e. vases, ribbon or anything that isn't flowers that are going into the centerpieces. Luckily, we found a great floral wholesale shop and found the vases and stones for our centerpieces for extremely cheap. How much did I spend on my centerpieces?! After materials I spent about $50 per centerpiece. Yes! That includes labor, flowers, assembly and all! I wrote a post with pictures of my centerpieces so if you go through my posts you will see what my centerpieces looked like!

Venue: Rusty Pelican

Both the hubby and I agreed that we did not want a traditional wedding and wanted only to have fun! We held both the ceremony and reception at Rusty Pelican. The venue was BEAUTIFUL and it really worked well with our theme (water) and our personalities! Their staff (I dealt with Elsa) was attentive, professional and always answered my questions. They provide linens in their package so it was one less thing to worry about. There were a few times that I had to follow up an email with a call because 2 days would go by ( I normally would have waited longer for a reply but I was on a time crunch and needed answers). But not to worry I always got all my questions answered. They are always very busy and full of events! However, they still provide you with great customer service and make you feel as though you are their one and only event! I have only great things to say about them and could go on and on but I think this was already long enough (SORRY)!

Ladies I hope this helps!

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