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Hello! I'm new to this and I'm hoping fellow brides to be or brides can help me with my wedding planning... Has anybody used house of blues' music hall for their reception?  I would love to see pictures on how you set it up for banquet seating.  I toured the facility last week but its hard for me to imagine what it could be with the place being so dark.   Pls pls post some pictures.
Oh I'm also considering Key Tower lobby catered by Mariott.  Any input??


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    I'm really no help in terms of personal experience, sorry :(

    But I think the House of Blues would be such a fun venue! If you still have doubts or questions, I would set up a second tour or meeting. It may seem excessive, but if you're going to be a paying customer, you need to be sure about your decision. You deserve to be walked through the options offered at the restaurant; there are numerous different rooms you can rent, and they should help you decide which one would fit your event best. During this time, I would ask if they have a floor plan for weddings/event or if they can create one for you. All venues that host weddings offer this service (they need it for the catering staff, anyway). At least this would give you an idea of the space lay out. It also doesn't hurt to ask if they have any pictures of past events.

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    We're getting married in the Cambridge Room in October. I love the space! I've heard good things overall, but don't know much about the music hall. Who gave you the tour there?
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    thank you for the response.  Rachel is the one who gave me the tour.  I did go for a second look before I left cleveland.  See the problem is I live out of state and I only had a weekend to look around.  I tought the place was too dark and a little bit too "grungy" for my taste but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because of the cool lightings that they have.  Too bad they can't turn it on when I was there for liability reasons :(  It would make my decision easier
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