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Hi Ladies!

I miss you all! Things have been crazy and I am losing my mind. I havent touched anything wedding related in weeks...I am going to regret this!
Anyway, Fi and I adopted a puppy on Sunday when I was in PSL and I am in love with my guys and I miss them. Astro is staying with Fi until he leaves for Brooklyn in a few weeks. I have been spending any free time with him since one Fi leaves he will be gone until September. Cry So with that I will have to miss the GTG this weekend so I can spend my loves 23rd birthday with him.
We are still trying to buy the house in Jupiter and it has been a lot of running around. They need way too much paperwork and since my Dad is cosigning its rides back and forth to Fort Myers.
 I am also working on the job situation so I havent been able to Knot at all and I MISS it! I knew Knot Anonymous...and soon!
Congrats to Tiffany on being a beautiful bride. Hope Lacey and Cinthia had great bridal showers!
Congrats to all you ladies on your great checks and I hope to be back Knotting full time again soon!
Ok Sorry to ramble just wanted to tell you all I MISS YOU!

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