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We are halfway through the work week!  Happy Hump Day to all!

I love when I check my email and I receive shipping notifications that an item ordered has shipped.  It's like a gift -giving holiday every week!

I hope you all have a wonderful wednesday!
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Re: Wednesday!!!

  • Ughhh is it only Wednesday?  I'm pretty much in Friday mode already. And I'm actually excited for the cold weather coming! 

    Just found a set or 6 vintage glass bottles for super cheap!  Thought that would be cute for the dessert bar.  I'm in randomly collecting mode. 
  • happy wednesday

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  • Don't you love receiving mail?!?!  I received a surprised when I got a large package apparently what I figured was one size was actually much larger.  I got a great deal but I have to wonder how to place it in the wedding without overpowering our sweetheart table.
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