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big CHECKS!!!

so ... this week is my last week of vacation i have before my wedding in april ... so my mother and i have planned to do most of the wedding stuff that we can ... 

sent invitations --- CHECK!!!

bought groomsmens clothes - CHECK ... (hardest thing to do which is shocking bc we have 1 groomsmen that is bigger then the others so we couldnt find the same pants and shirt in 1 store that matched... thank god for WALMART pants!!! ... no one will even know!!!!)

Hair and Makeup Trial -- CHECK (well happening at noon today with AMANDA LYNN)

Bought undergarments -- CHECK!!!

Veil - CHECK!!! (borrowing my friends veil ... happens to match my dress perfectly!!!)

Headband thing - semi CHECK ... still deciding on it or not

Favors --- CHECK!!! .... www.orientaltrading.com is the BEST ... bought favor boxes/bags to put mine and fiances favorite candies in...

Florist -- almost CHECK ... (appointment tomorrow)

First Dress Fitting --- wil lbe CHECKED on Friday

Brides Accessories - CHECK ... (including a mickey mouse watch that my grandfather used to always wear)

Wedding Rings --- CHECK!!! for both of us!!! 

the only MAJOR MAJOR check that we have not done yet is the Honeymoon .... we both have completely over researched this and now have NO IDEA where to go .... 


Re: big CHECKS!!!

  • congrats on the checks! So much is done! Good Job!

    Honeymoons - I'm sure you've looked into Sandals, that's where I'm going. I LOVE how everything is included. I hope you guys can decide on this soon!
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  • congrats! definitely BIG CHECKS!!

    as for honymoons... first thing I did was cross off any ideas that were out of our budget (i.e. flying to bora bora was too expensive so I didn't even bother)... then we made a list of what we wanted. Did we want a fast paced, see a lot of the sights, kinda honeymoon... or relax on a beach with a few excursions?  Once you narrow down the type- then narrow it down to place. If you are getting married in April, you may want to make this a priority, I know our room option at sandals is completely booked for the wk we are there (april2-8).

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  • Congrats on the Checks!!!

    I guess it all depends on what you both want to do - relax on the beach or go sight-seeing. A couple of friends have gone on a cruise - the joy of this is that it's pre-planned for the most part for you and you know in advance what the big costs are. We originally planned for Paris then found out how expensive the hotels are, so we're doing it a-la-cart and traveling to other cities. Maybe as a wedding gift you can request for Airline miles - that would help reduce your flight costs :)
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  • Wow!! Very impressive!!

    Congrats on all your checks!

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  • Great checks! So jealous! You're ahead of me. But, I've been slacking... :/ I have plan to get things done this weekend. lol
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  • Congrats on all those checks!
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  • Great checks!
  • thanks everyone!!! .... florida mailing system must be amazing bc i sent my invitations out on monday at like noon and some of my friends and family have called me saying they got it already .... and that was yesterday!!! ...

    still trying to get the most done this week since i have off from work and mom is visiting lol ... 

    i just cant seem to find one of those corset bras .... any suggestions as to where to get them .... i tried davids but i didnt like what they had and how it fit me ... and macys, jcpennys and stores like that do not have the corset style where it can shape me like an hourglass LOLOLOL ... gotta hide what isnt lost by the weddnig lolol

    and as for the honeymoon ... i went to AAA travel with my mom yesterday ... and the guy there was AWESOME ... he clarified a few thinngs that i was conteplating with the honeymoon places and we think we have narrowed it down to P*nta Cana, Dominican Republic .... its definitely within our price range and we have never been there .... we hope to make final decisions by the end of this week!!!

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