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FYI, a few good deals :)

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a few good deals in case you were interested...

$50 VistaPrint for $10 (Living Social): http://livingsocial.com/deals/25954?ref=conf-jp&rpi=6054621

$100 worth of photobooks for $35 at Picaboo (Groupon): http://www.groupon.com/deals/picaboo-pittsburgh-1?utm_campaign=3464769&utm_medium=afl&utm_source=rvs

$39 photoprint on canvas (regularly $125) (Groupon): http://www.groupon.com/deals/picture-it-on-canvas-albany?utm_campaign=3464769&utm_medium=afl&utm_source=rvs

$65 for Alphabet Photography up to 14 letters (great gift for someone's wedding and perfect for the couple with the endless last name like mine soon will be!) (Groupon): http://www.groupon.com/deals/sticks-and-stones?utm_campaign=3464769&utm_medium=afl&utm_source=rvs

Hope it helps someone :)  Lots of them are great for wedding stuff, especially the Picaboo certificates.

Re: FYI, a few good deals :)

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