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Big check!! Ordered my dress! (long)

Last weekend I went looking for dresses and I loved the first one i saw!! I did keep looking but kept thinking about the first one! I found it at Coral Gables Bridal but good thing my friend had told me that they hide the tag and over charge. Sure enough, they told me it was their private collection dress, but after some sneaky investigation I found out it was a Maggie Sotero dress and they were charging me 50% more than at another store!! I went to Brides of Florida and they ordered it there for me (they didn't have the dress in the store though). The sisters that own Brides of Florida are fantastic! The store is nice, they take their time with you, are very friendly, and honest. Highly recommend them!

Also, my mom surprised me and gave me the money for the dress. The money is from my grandmother that passed away a couple of years ago. It means a lot to me that even though she can't be there, she is still a part of my wedding.

Re: Big check!! Ordered my dress! (long)

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