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Craig = meanie.

I was talking to the awesome Ursula after choosing www.craigpickedjen.com for our alternative URL website, and I decided (per her idea!) to have custom guitar picks as part of the favours.

They will read "Craig picked Jen 10.10.10" on one side, and "Jen picked Craig 10.10.10" on the other side.

Craig's all about guitars, so Ursula also suggested we have a guitar autographed by the guests next to our guestbook. I loved the idea and approached this very delicately with Craig, because his guitars are his babies.

However, there's one custom one he built himself, that he never uses and has contemplated ripping it appart to use the pieces on his other guitars. I love that guitar so I think it'd be perfect.

However, when I brought it up, this is what he said:

"No. No. No. How about we have everyone at the wedding sign Jack? We could shave him, and people can use Sharpies to write all over your dog!"

I nearly died laughing, but don't worry, I'll convince him. He said he'd "think about it" when we got done with our convo.

I love that man. But he can be a jerk sometimes! lol.

Thanks for letting me share, ladies :)

Re: Craig = meanie.

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