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Valet company?

My mom brought an issue to my attention that I hadn't thought of before.  Since we are having our reception at my parents' house, they will need to park in the visitor spots that are about a block away.  I would like to price out some valet companies to see if they would park the cars for my guests.  Anyone know of some companies that do this at private residences?


Re: Valet company?

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    sorry cant help  but MariMac24 just got a valet company for her wedding...so if she doesnt respond (which she probably will cause shes awesome!  lol) you should post a message for her :) .... but give her a minute she will be around ..

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    I'm heeeeeere!  I would have posted earlier but I can't from work. The nerve of them! :(
    Evelyn, you know me way too well ;) lol <3

    I booked with Gold Star Parking Systems, and the lady that I spoke to is Xiomara. I showed the price they quoted me to my coordinator and she said it was a great deal! I hope this helps you on your search :) 

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