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Day of Wedding - How much time needed for hair and makeup...

I'm having an 11:30 am ceremony... Of course everyone needs their beauty rest but wanting to make sure we have enough time to get ready... any suggestions on hair and makeup for about 5 women and two young girls.

Re: Day of Wedding - How much time needed for hair and makeup...

  • I'm in a similar situation, our ceremony is also at 11:30am and I was worried about having everyone get up early (including myself) for the hair and makeup. I ended up emailing a local beauty salon and they said it usually takes around 1 1/2 to 2hrs for hair and makeup (probably also depends on how many girls). But they are usually pretty flexible so if they have to open up earlier for you they can. I would suggest if you want to get it done at a certain place I would just call or email them to get an idea - maybe even find a place where they come to you...Hope that helps!

  • I think it really depends on how many people there and how everyone has their hair done. I'm the bride and we're only expecting my hair to take 30 minutes or less because I have short hair. But if someone has longer hair & wants to do an up do that is very detailed, I could see it taking 1+ hours for just the hair.
  • My hair and makeup is only scheduled to take 2 hours.  This is for 9 up dos and 4 make up applications.  I recommend telling your salon about the time crunch and maybe they can put more girls on the schedule so you are able to get done in time!  Good luck :)

  • Depends on how many people you have and what they are getting done.  I had 10 girls...our ceremony was at 2....we started hair at 7:30 and were back to get ready by 11:30. 
  • Thanks Ladies! I'm now all set with my hair salon. Thanks for all your help :)
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