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Trying to book DJ - recs please

Hello there.....

So I'm trying to book the DJ before the year ends so I can cross all my big checks off the list....my venue has some preferred DJs but none of the are latin. I'm latin so I def need a DJ with experience in playing salsa, merengue, etc, as well as American music.
Right now I'm trying to choose between these:
- DJ Ubi
- DJ Stephen Peters
- DJ Freddy from danceAllNight
I've also read good things about Mike from MB Ent but he was a bit more expensive than most and Mike Sipe, but I'm not sure he has experience with latin music.....

Please help!  Any recs are highly appreciated!

Re: Trying to book DJ - recs please

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    People on the boards have recommended Ubi. I spoke with MB and got a really weird vibe from him. He seemed incredibly cocky and I just didn't feel comfortable with him. Mike Sipe was our second choice because FI used to DJ for him, but we went with Liquids. Sorry I'm not more helpful, check wedding wire!! 
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    grrrrr!! I hate when I double post....sorry!!!
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