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I think I'm going to give up on finding a venue

I have been all over Miami looking for a place for our venue and nothing stands out ... (while fitting into my average budget for 170+ people)

Here are the places I have looked into ...

*Coral Gables Country Club (the alcohol is an issue for my FI)
*Sky Lobby ... BEAUTIFUL but too much for us.
*Rusty Pelican
*Newport Beachside
*Ocean Club
*Marriot Biscayne Bay
*Coral Gables Hyatt
*Jungle Island
*Hyatt or Hilton (all blending together) next to the DoubleTree
*Banker's Club
*Fire Tower
*Sonest Coral Gables

I can most likely keep going!!  This is so stressful, I can't seem to find anything!
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Re: I think I'm going to give up on finding a venue

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    Have you looked into the Coral Gables Womans Club, 94th Aero Squadron, Shane Center (around $3,000 to rent for a Sat.) or the Westin Colannade?

    Are you looking to have your ceremony and reception at the same place? I'll try to think of some more venues!
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    Really the yacht is affordable AND fits 170+ people?  Can you give me the info?

    Also, Coral Gables Woman's Club is a maybe along with the Shane Center.  I heard the Shane center doesn't even come with tables.
    We may look into the Colannade, but I heard some not so great things.  Its gorgeous though.

    We have our church (Gesu) so we don't want to go too far South b/c the church is in Downtown Miami.
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    im sorry you're going thru venue issues. but im sure these girls that know the miami area will help u out! no worries, u have 2 recs so far! good luck and keep us updated Wink
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  • Rainbow17Rainbow17 member
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    xxxMarixxx what not so great things have you heard about the Colonnade?  Thats where I'm getting married... and now I'm scared :(

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but the Hilton Downtown Miami is affordable and the cooridnator there if very nice.  You might want to check that out.

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    Grove Isle is nice depending on your budget
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    How about the J W Marriott on brickell?  HTH!
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    No don't stress about the Colannade.  I heard it is amazing, but I heard the fountain blocks the view for most of the party.
    It tends to detract people from dancing.  However, if we decide to use visit them we just need something to entice people to dance.
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    I know how you feel, I'm going through the same thing!  How about Intercontinental, Eden Roc, Doral Golf Resort, Trump Intl, Deering Estate, or Spanish Monestary?
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    I second Grove Isle.  My wedding was there and it was amazing!
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    Don't give up! I don't know your specific budget but look into these..

    The Palms
    Eden Roc
    The Gansevoort
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    Comber Hall in Coral Gables is gorgeous.

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    I'm getting married at the Grove Isle and it is beautiful!  Also, have you looked into the Mayfair hotel? We liked that place a lot when we were looking. Also the Sonesta in coconut grove is nice (although there are columns in the middle of the room that we didn't like).
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    Mariiiiiiiiiiiii we're on the same boat!!!!

    What issue did your FI have with the Coral Gables Country Club? That was the next one I was going to make an appointment to go see!

    I may go with the Sky Lobby, and give in just so I don't need to stress this crap anymore!

    We should pow wow on our venue hunt!

    The colonnade, I got the pricing and their minimum for the Rotunda is 20k which was way over my budget... but I am also not having a 170+ wedding so you may be able to hit that minimum.

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  • sadou02sadou02 member
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    Dont give up. Youll find your venue.  I went through 20 venues before I found the right place for me.  You'll find it, its just taking a little longer.
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    image 107 Are ready to party!
    image 32 Will be missing out!
    image 0 Are getting on my nerves!
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    Also want to add that the Sky Lobby is my dream venue along with Pierres in Islamorada... so me giving in wouldn't be me settling, but just biting the bullet on pricing lol
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    I went through the same thing too! I found a great venue in Miami Beach that I am trying to negotiate with and crossing my fingers that we sign with them tomorrow. The hotel is called Breakwater Hotel and it's currently under renovations. They have a beautiful rooftop for cocktails and then they work with City of MB to use the Art Deco Center across the street for dinner and dancing. The building is super modern and nice, check it out! And you could bring outside caterer which makes it more affordable :)
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    Hi Mari, I just noticed that the Coral Gables Womans Club includes tables and chairs and I looked back at my e-mail from the Shane Center and the rental includes:

    Regardless of the date you choose and how many rooms you need, the fees mentioned above will include: a gorgeous water view, the use of the outdoor terrace and breezeway, (20) 60” round tables, (230) banquet chairs, (8) 6’ banquet tables, (3) 4’ banquet tables, (5) cocktail tables sitting 2 people, and full use of our state-of-the-art prep kitchen. We do ask that you contract with a licensed and insured caterer as well as provide The Shane Center with all mentioned documents.

    Hope that helps if you or any other bride are interested in the beautiful venue!
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    Cramo... I just looked it up and I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!

    Did you see the knot blog post that says if you mention you heard of them through the blog, they're offering 20% off to knotties? Not sure what the 20% is off of, but whatever it is, it will help! http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/blogs/florida_wedding_blog/archive/2010/11/10/new-miami-beach-venue-hotel-breakwater.aspx

    I sent in a request for information... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    If you have the packages with catering costs, can you email them to me at [email protected] please?

    ** EDIT ** just noticed it says book before 2011 but maybe we can still make the cut if it works out!
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    I remember having this problem too, it took 3 months to find the right place! I'm getting married at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa (nearby the Fontainebleau). I was looking for that "wow" factor while trying to stay budget friendly (packages started at $80++ when I booked), and this had it. I fell in love with their unique ballrooms and gorgeous views of the beach, intercoastal and downtown.

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    OK ... i just got nervous!

    2 of you made AWESOME suggestions.  EEK.

    I hope they fit my # of people and give good deals.
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    I didnt see this one on any list and I did see ur church is in DT did you try the EPIC hotel?
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