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finally...a check!

So Garrett and I decided to do a chocolate fountain!!  We were toying with it for a few months, because the hotel was offering it for $11 a person!!  That would be around $2,200 for 200 people!

Well last month we were at a bridal show, and a chocolate fountain vendor was there and as we were talking to her she offered us a special...

Purchase a big fountain and get a small fountain for FREE.
So..the price came to $850 for both fountains!  What a great price!  After she offered it to us, I said no, because I knew we can't just go outside the hotel..and lucky enough, she IS THE VENDOR for the hotel!!! so she called our catering director to see if she would honor the price the chocolate lady just gave us...

SHE DID!  yeah for me!  saved money!


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