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PLEASE HELP- still need a fall ceremony site near massillon, canton, navarre area THAT WILL PLEASE T

im trying very hard to find a outdoor ceremony spot for a fall 2012 wedding that will please the groom. unfortunatly he hasnt been to more then 1 wedding, and doesnt understand that if there is a glimpse of something unsightly off in the distance, or in the surrounding properties that no one will notice. and he cannot picture an alter, or arbor, or even an isle in a grass area, so he objects to all the places. (isnt it the bride who is supposed to be picky? lol) 

originally we were looking for a barn to use, if even only as the back drop. but thats a lot harder to find then one may think. then he seen a gazebo on the water at jackson park. it is pretty, but will only hold 3 people and we have a 10 person wedding party.

 so then i called around and came across sippo lake- but their dock is public, and we cannot ask any one on the dock to move for us to have a clear isle to walk down. 

 i know of the gazebo with the water in north canton- but  there are tons of goose poop in that area. too much for even the barn raised girl i am.

 i took him to the top of petros lake park- he didnt like that the timken plant was seen over the horizan 1 mile away. 

i tried lock 4 after i showed him pics i took of the kids there. he said the pictures looked altered cause it isnt as pretty there as it looked in the pics. he liked it up by the trail, but we cannot do it there due to park rules. 

we went to monument park gardens in canton- he only liked the water bridge- which is again a public trail.

 i even thought about cashing in the savings account to pay the $6k+ for having it at lakeside in canton south, or even occasions in clinton. but id rather have that money for a down payment on a house then a wedding in a gazebo. 

if a last resort is in a church, then so be it. but i want a old wood one that seats like 80-100, not a large modern one. east greenville has one, are there any more around? 


Re: PLEASE HELP- still need a fall ceremony site near massillon, canton, navarre area THAT WILL PLEASE T

  • July2012brideJuly2012bride member
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    I know Medina isn't super close, but if you are interested.  The Oakes has a pretty gazebo overlooking Chippewa lake.
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  • Kimber0613Kimber0613 member
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    There is Lakeside Party Center in Navarre.


    Hope that helps!
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    medina is too far for many of our guests. 

    lake side is one of the places i looked at, but they only do their catering, and mark up the bar a lot. the grounds are perfect, but its $4400 just for ceremony and reception for only 80 ppl- not including cake, dj, and other needed things. they let u use the entire grounds all day, but if u want to actually say "i do" on the gazebo they charge you an additional $750. they have a lot of "extra" charges that are required, but not included in the price- like must have security of their choice at $40 hr min of 6 hrs even if reception is only 4 hrs. that kinda thing is what turned us off there. 
  • sodawsonsodawson member
    edited December 2011

    If you are still considering a barn:

    Brookside Farm in Louisville (east of Canton) http://markjschumacher.com/farm/barn/  they also have a gazebo on the property

    Quailcrest in Wooster www.quailcrest.com/">http://www.quailcrest.com/


    Willowdale Country Club www.willowdalelake.com/weddings/">http://www.willowdalelake.com/weddings/


    Hale Farm Chapel www.wrhs.org/index.php/hale/Rent">http://www.wrhs.org/index.php/hale/Rent

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    Lol, what sort of place was the one wedding that the groom has been to? People get stuck on such random ideas about how weddings have to be!
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  • KellyS01KellyS01 member
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    You mentioned Price Park in North Canton but it has too much goose poop - I totally agree.  However, right across the street is the North Canton Civic Center (I think that is what it is called anyway) and they have a really pretty white gazebo up on the hill.  I had a friend get married there and it was pretty.  You could have your reception in the building then.

  • edited December 2011
    thank you every one! im going to map out hale farm and quailcrest. i think they are both 40 + min away. 

    the reception is already going to be in massillon. the civic center gazebo is not on the water, so im sure it wont be right lol 

    he was in a wedding at niagra falls. hard to top that water lol 
  • chellealysechellealyse member
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    edited December 2011
    I was just at the new park on Scheinder across from GlenOak HS.
    There is a lake/pond back behind it.
    It is gorgeous!!!
    Just a thought but you may want to look there.
    I think you'd have to call Plain Township for permission
    It is also private back there no objects in the distance!
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    What about a winery? Gervasi Vineyard is in the area and it's pretty there.
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  • derrilynderrilyn member
    edited December 2011
    I don't really know the area, sorry I don't have any other idea.  But I wanted to ask a question here that I'd been wondering since it was sort of related.  I looked at Hudson Springs Park as a possible ceremony site and I love it except it has a ton of goose poop near the water.  I think I need to go see it again and see how far back we would have to go from the water to avoid it.  But my question is if there's anything else we could do to make it work, like put something on the ground, some sort of sheet or something?  Or if we rent a tent and chairs can we ask them to clean up a little?
  • edited December 2011
    i will be checking out the new park on Scheinder across from GlenOak HS tomorrow! 

    ive never thought of a winery! 

    as for covering goose poop- the easiest thing i can say is get a cheep indoor outdoor berber carpet. you can get them at home depot for under 50 cents a sq ft. it has a thin rubber coating on the back, and comes in several colors from tan, brown, blue. it cuts super easy. to cover the sidewalk, or make a isle runner. i did a large L shaped basement with it for $250. (our finished basement flooded and ruined the $$$ carpet i had b4, so we went with this and its lasted great for 2 yrs. ) its also very light weight and 14 foot wide. so depending on the area u want to cover maybe even a reminant will work. lowes versions are more expensive, but minards has some for 44 cents sq foot. 

  • derrilynderrilyn member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to look into that.  Looks like we could also rent carpet or flooring from a rental company, Let's Entertain Party Rental has black carpet for 20 cents per square foot.  If we went with a 20x40 tent we would probably need the same amount of carpet so that would be $160...could work.

    I've heard Gervassi winery is absolutely gorgeous but also very expensive.  But you may want to look into other wineries, I know of a couple that are a little further north. There's Sarah's Vineyard across from Blossom and Thorncreek Winery in Aurora.  I also found this site: http://wineryweddingguide.com/WineryWeddingGuideOhio.html HTH! :)
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    i am googeling vineyards right now! :@)
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    i went out and looked at the park across from glen oak hs. i didnt know till sat that there is a new hs. i drove all over 44th st looking for the park lol. then i finally found the new hs and park. the water is right next to the dog park area. neither of us liked it. 

    i came across a place called yeowza resorts in dundee, ohio (dover area). i am very excited about checking them out. its about 25 min south of here, but its on the same state rout as our reception hall that is only 5 min from here. i hope they send me info back today! 
  • edited December 2011
    we found the spot! its a cute simple park in canal fulton with a large 3 section gazebo! woohoo! 
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