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Photography and Video

Ok so I know this questions must've been answered but I keep searching and cant find a post!
My friend has a 1,300 budget for vido and photography
can you guys recommend someone that does both or separate vendors on that price range?

thanks for your help girls
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Re: Photography and Video

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    its going to be VERY difficult to find a quality photographer and a quality videograper combined for that price range. now, you can get a killer videographer for $1,300. but a mediocre photographer for $1,300.
    i booked reinhardt productions (video) for their bronze package (ceremony and half of reception) for $750.. hes realllly sweet and they do great work and their price is highly competitive.
    im a gregory paul bride and hes up there in price but he is worth ever single penny his photography is second to none.
    your friend should sit down and think about her budget and which service she values the most..but for $1,300 combined video and photo - its going to be very very hard. :/
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    thank you!
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    I don't think you can only get a mediocre photog for $1300. I think mine is pretty fabulous and so is Amberphotographyworld, and from what I gather Crystal Fielding is in that price range. I don't think you will get both at that price though.

    There are a few companies that do a combination of those services but they tend to be more expensive since they are national companies.

    I definitely think your friend needs to look at her budget. If there is no changing it, then she's probably going to have to pick either or.
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    My photographer, Jonathan Connolly has a package for $1200, he was amazing and I highly recommend him!

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    Thats gotta be tough... You can probably get photo OR video for that but both would be very hard. I got a GREAT price for photo AND video and I paid $3000.
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    My name is Meghan and my fiance and I are getting married just us on the beach at Hawk's Cay. I saw posts for other getting married there. I have guy friends that own houses there, but they can't answer any of the questions I need. We chose to get married there because I have a lung disease and the air has so much salt and water that it really takes away a lot of the pain caused by my Cystic Fibrosis. (I have lived all over the US looking for that. Unfortunately my hard to find doctor is at U of Michigan.) Anyway, we decided to do away with the wedding party because we wanted it to be just us where we stayed last year before fantasy fest. I am really good at hair and makeup but I want GREAT hair and makeup especially that would hold up for an on the beach wedding. No wedding package, reception, dinner, but I still want our short ceremony photographed and pictures afterward. I really am running into a road block here and my wedding is October 13. Since some have personal knowledge of the area, and other already booked help, I was wondering if y'all could give me some advice. Any help y'all could give me would be tremendously appreciated! You can email me personally at [email protected]
    Thanks again,
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