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what sporty thing are you going to do?

My FI are both obsessed with sports we met at a college athletic event and probably %80 or more of our dates have been to athletic events.  I am thinking of getting bridal pics taken at the different athletic venues around campus.  (esp baseball!)I have also thought about having the BP intro be like a pre game intro.  oh and hopefully our reception venue will be in the club boxes about the football field. 
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Re: what sporty thing are you going to do?

  • I'm wearing a Boston Bruins garter and Dan Marino ( FI's hero) will be standing on top of our cake !
  • My FI and I are both rugby players and we are using his college team colors as our wedding colors, emerald green and navy. Most of our wedding party are rugby players so we are going to get pics doing scrums and lineouts and maybe play a lil on the lawn at the end of the night!His team also has a tradition where the guys on the team sing "You've lost that lovin feeling" to the bride. I've seen them do it at four of our friends' weddings and its really cute.
  • my FI and I are both huge Ohio State Buckeye fans... our wedding colors are scarlett & grey , i have a buckeyes garter , FI will be wearing buckeyes during the ceremony and we will walk into the fight song as husband and wife
  • We're huge White Sox fans... My younger brother got me a White Sox jersey for Christmas that was blank to personalize. I got it personalized with FI's last name and '09. We plan on taking a few artsy, cool pictures and I'm debating walking into the reception with the jersey on... could be a cute pic.
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  • We actually got engaged at our college's stadium. We are going to take pictures around campus for our table names (including both the football stadium and baseball stadium). Grooms cake will actually be two cakes, one helmet representing our college team (GO NOLES!), and one representing FIs favorite NFL team (Steelers). I will also be wearing an FSU garter. I think thats it lol.
  • FI and I both went to Texas, and our colors are burnt orange and white, bridesmaids in burnt orange dresses, GMs in burnt orange vests and ties.  burnt orange and white roses.  our recessional is "The Eyes of Texas", I will be wearing a Longhorn garter, intro to the reception to "Texas Fight".  Cake will have orange flowers and Longhorn ribbon.  Groom's cake will be shaped like a Longhorn.  I will be doing my bridals on campus.  Our guest book is a collection of photos of campus that we will have guests sign in the white space around them.  .....I could go on....we're a little obsessive i know.
  • My shower is going to Chicago Cubs themed. Suprisingly, no one makes Cubs shower invites :) Also, if the Cubs are in the playoffs (our wedding is in October) I think we will have Go Cubs Go as our recessional. We both golf, so our ceremony and reception are at a golf course and we are giving personalized tees as our favors. My fiance is a die hard Blackhawks fan so we are going to be introduced at the reception to Chelsea Dagger, the song they play when the hawks score a goal. My dad and I are Red Wings fans so we have something up our sleeve for later in the evening! And finally, my FI and my family are HUGE Michigan fans. However, my cousin who is singing at my wedding, is a MSU fan. So we are going to annouce him at the reception as well and play the Michigan fight song.
  • I have a Red Sox garter and we are playing Sweet Caroline at the beginning of the reception.
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  • My FI and I are huge Gator fans and we met in college.  Our colors are going to be blue and orange (but not quite gator blue) I'm going to wear a gator garter, and we are trying to find an Albert and Alberta (our mascot) cake topper.  We also are having our engagement pictures taken on campus and naming the tables after locations on campus.
  • My fiance and I are huge fans of the Penguins and I will be wearing a Pens garter.  I was half tempted to have black and gold as my colors, but thought some of the girls wouldn't look right in it.  We will be walking to in to one of the songs they normally play at the game.  We also plan to have more Penguins stuff there, just not sure what.  I even changed the date so we wouldn't miss opening night in the new arena! 
  • Our wedding cake was designed to look like the Stanley Cup. :)


  • My soon to be stepsons are HUGE sports fans (I don't know much about sports ). But I am doing a table (similar to a grooms table) for them with a basketball theme on one side for the 15 yr old and a baseball theme on the other for the 13 yr old. I only have picture frames, baseball and basketball napkins, and I painted a wooden baseball and basketball with their school colors. The rest of the table is going to have their favorit foods (3 types of cheesecake, funyons, cheeseballs, fried catfish, skittles, etc.
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    FI is the biggest Miami Hurricane fan! He wanted our colors to be oragne and green, but just couldn't do it. I am wearing a Canes garter (shhh its a supirse)   We are both basketball referee so instead of bubbles or trhowing brid seed we are giving out referee whistles after the ceremony with a tag saying: "Its official! they made the right the call, now sound your whistle as the ____________ leave the hall!" This is my fav part of the wedding!
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  • that an awesome idea spanas, but I hope you are wearing earplugs lol!!!
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  • we are big NY Rangers fans. My garter is NY Rangers. Our escort cards are hockey pucks. We'll probably have crossed sticks and a heart as our ice carving. We may also do out table numbers in the jersey numbers.
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  • We are both big hockey fans and met playing hockey.    We had a hockey jersey made up with our name and wedding date on the back and had everyone sign it, instead of having a regular guest book.  We are going to frame it and put it up in our new house when we get it.Our favors were chocolate hockey pucks and crossed hockey sticksOur table numbers were all of our favorite sporting teams/events.  I put pictures of us at these various events.We had planned to have the BP hold up hockey sticks for us to walk under when we walked into the reception, but we completely forgot to bring the hockey sticks that day!!!
  • My FI and I were both Sports Management majors in college and met each other when we both worked for the Hawks and Thashers. Our STDs look like tickets (PIB). Our guest book will either be a football helmet or custom jersey. Our table names are different college football stadiums and the escort cards will resemble a ticket to whatever stadium our guests are seated at (inspiration photo in bio). I originally wanted to make our ceremony programs to look like game programs...but I think that is going to be way too hard! Our RD is at my parents house and it will be tailgate style. My FI coaches high school football for his alma mater and he wants to be introduced to the song that the team runs out on the field to.
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  • First off - I'm so glad I found this board! Finally some people that will appreciate the fun things we're doing for the wedding AND give me new ideas! I had no idea they made team-garters. I might actually wear one now!

    So my FI and I are huge Boston Bruins fans. (Woo amr8580!) Our first date was at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, and my one year anniversery present to him was a panoramic of the Garden from our seats. (His was proposing, that sneaky git! Not that I'm complaining...) Safe to say, we're excited about hockey.

    So for our wedding... we're doing a few things.

    1. His sister is throwing us a "Jack and Jill" party to help us raise funds for the wedding, and that's going to be Boston Bruins theamed. I just got a great idea from another thread to make up jerseys for the BMs and GMs (and us!) for the event.

    2. We're saving up to get season tickets for the 2010 season in lieu of a honeymoon. (It'll cost about as much!) That, and with our schedules, we can't leave for an extended period of time, anyway...

    3. I really want to show up to the reception to "Zombie Nation" - which is the song that gets played when the Bruins score...

    I'm still looking for more ideas, though! Keep 'em coming, ladies!
  • We, too, are having some sort of hockey included in our wedding.  FI was very excited that I wanted to do this!  We are naming the tables different hockey teams, the centerpieces will be that teams puck in the middle of a rock salt pile (to look like ice shavings).  The escort cards will be on a homemade rink (think mirror with a frosted look).  I had no idea they made garters with NHL teams so I must get one.  Other than that, that is all we have.  We are looking for more ideas though!
  • OMG, I just found this board and I LOVE it!  My fiance and I are both HUGE hockey fans, he's a Sabres fan and I'm a Pens fan.  We have tix to the final regular season home game at Mellon, and we're extending our weekend to include visits to possible reception locations.  We are going to e-mail the Pens to see if we can get our photos taken at center ice sometime that weekend for our save the dates.  My mom wants us to get married at center ice, but we're hoping to talk to someone about possible banquet facilites in the new arena.  I love the idea of the jersey instead of a guestbook, that would go great in our sports room with my fiance's custom 99 No Goal jersey.  We collect pucks from every arena we go to (NHL, AHL, Canadian Major Junior, NCAA frozen four, etc), using them as table markers would be a great way to show off our collection!
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  • My fiance and I are getting married on home plate at Coors Field. We are both HUGE baseball fans. I am wearing is fav team's garter. Our cake topper is a bride at bat and the groom throwing the pitch. He is going to throw the "first pitch" at the ceremony before I walk out of the Umpire's tunnel. We are also taking our bats and gloves for pictures. Instead of the wedding party walking down the aisle, the guys will be in the Rockies dugout and the girls will be in the visitors dugout. We are going to have them announced as the run on to the field, just like they do in games. Instead of a guest book, we are using a home plate and baseballs. This is going to be an all out baseball wedding and I am loving it!!!
  • ohh, this was fun! I am making the reception all about him and his love for the North Carolina Tarheels. I've had a basketball made with our pic and date on it, the guests will sign it as they enter the reception. I have a Tarheels gaters, and we are "retiring" his "player" jersey using his college number on a special made jersey. I am still looking for a caketopper that represents us as well, any ideas?
  • I'm glad to find out we're not the only ones doing a sporty theme.  We're trying to do our wedding/reception in a fun yet still classy way.

    The guys and gals all are wearing black suits/dresses, but their ties/ribbons on flowers will be their alma mater colors. To tie in the "theme," I want to decorate the tables for different teams. We are in the mid-west, so I plan on KU, K-State, MU, NU, etc tables. I will probably make a sign to stick out of the vases at each table with the team logo.  I'm also considering putting random trivia about the specific school at the table.  I'm still brainstorming, but I know our family and friends will really get a kick out of what table they sit at and will really heckle the other tables. 

    Our flowers are all white roses. So now I have to figure out a nice (yet cheap) way to tie in white roses (I have TONS of bud vases if I need), specific teams at different tables, and favors into my tables/centerpieces. I am planning on doing square tables which seat 8 each. I saw a super cute idea with a square piece of green astro-turf under whatever centerpiece, but I don't want it to all look thrown together. I also found pictures of the favors (chocolate) tied up in yellow bags as penalty flags. 

    We are obviously going for a casual feel.......I just don't want it to turn tacky. Help? Ideas? Thanks!
  • We are leaning heavily on having our AHR at a local park- that does have a baseball diamond. 
    We want a real light-hearted, "summer-time" feel to we'll have a base-ball game, should be a hoot!!!!  Not sure what I'll wear for that =)
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  • We are having a hockey theme stag and doe and we will be wearing Hartford Whalers jerseys because my FI's last name is Hartford. At the wedding our kissing game will be shooting at targets on a hockey net.
    Also, I am trying to convince my bridesmaids that the bachellorette party should have a Sidney Crosby theme.
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