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Baseball theme?

My fiance and I LOVE baseball. We met in college where he played baseball and I played softball. We would love to incorporate both our school and our passions into our wedding day but need some new ideas. We have a few ideas so far like using peanuts and cracker jacks as our favors, and getting a baseball bride and groom cake topper. We are also getting our engagement pictures taken on a baseball field with our college hoodies. Also, since we are not allowed to throw flower petals at our ceremony location, our flower girl is throwing sunflower seeds. Any other ideas?

Re: Baseball theme?

  • I've seen ticket stubs for STDs or make baseball cards for the tables.
  • M&Ms now does candy with team logos .. I'm thinking I may do that for the kids favors.
  • Brandyatc... My fiance and I are also baseball fans... and everything in our wedding is baseball themed.My ring bearer is using the FI glove for a pillowWe have a single layer cake (instead of a tiered one) cut and shaped like a baseball diamond (complete with bases and our bride and groom baseball topper)Each table is themed around a National League team (we didnt have enough teams to mix NL & AL) and instead of seating cards I'm making a couple huge posters that say "Spring Training Team Roster" and posting what "team" each guest is "playing for" (table they will be at)I could go on and on... its been fun to talk with our minister too, he's excited to be including a bunch of baseball metaphors into his sermon... :D
  • depending on your budget, I know there are companies that will make a mini bobble head of you. I had one made for my husband for a Christmas gift. I would tie red stitching from a baseball in to all printed material. It can still be a little on the elegant side if done correctly. I hate thunder sticks, but it would be funny if you gave them to everyone to use after "You may now Kiss the Bride". Instead of doing a day after brunch or rehearsal dinner, I would invite everyone to a BBQ/softball game. You could have t-shirts made for Team (your last name" or team (FI last name). Also, create a wedding program that reads more like a program from a baseball game and put your engagement photo on the front. you could also alternate centerpieces between flowers and baseballs stacked into a pyramid. they would have to either be super glued or hot glued together, but it looks super cute. If you can put them on a square of astro turf or even a diamond of grass, even better. And, during cocktails, I would carry this same centerpiece theme through, just smaller. If you really want to go over the top, you could have a larger version of home plate made with your names or logo and wedding date on it and place it where you both will stand to get married. You can always have you guests sign it as the guest book or just have it to hang-up or as a keep sake. Have so much fun!!! we got married at PetCo Park in San Diego and had some of the best photos after of our entire bridal party in the bullpen.
  • I think the home plate idea is great! This might be a bit much, but maybe you can get those black sunblock strips and tape them under your eyes for part of the reception. Who remembers Big League Chew bubble gum? That used to be my favorite!! Maybe you can find some of that and have it on hand for kids and guests to enjoy!!
  • We were going to get married on a softball field, until we moved the date from August to December!  We live in Oregon, so there's no way we could do an outdoor wedding in December.

    Anyway, the two biggest baseball/softball things we did were in the recessional.  We recessed to "Take Me Out To The Ballg Game" under an arch of bats.  The organist started the song, all our guests started singing, and our attendants recessed.  As they did, our dads handed each one a bat.  They held them up in an arch and we recessed under it.  It was pretty awesome.

    The other thing we did was get those candy dispensers that look like baseballs.  We filled one with white m&ms for a baseball and got the day-glo yellow for the other one to look like a softball.  That was another big hit.
  • We have a little bit of a baseball theme. Our guestbook is an engraved Louisville slugger with our names and the date. We're having peanuts and cracker jack in our candy buffet. Each table is named after a baseball stadium with a picture of us there or just a regular picture of the stadium. 
  • I so LOVE this theme! My fiance & I are big baseball fans as well, but we are older and wanted to go a bit more in the elegant direction.

    You can have your picture on the cover of a sports magazine here, including Sports Illustrated, and Baseball magazine:

    You could put on your favorite baseball gear and pose together like a couple of big home run hitters. You could use this in any mailings, or at the reception somehow.

    Just by googling I found these websites:

    You can get mini baseball helmets here:

    Good luck. I'm sure it will be a blast!
  • My FH and I are huge Braves fans! Our dog is even named C.J. after Chipper Jones.  I have contacted the club at Turner Field and hoping we can only hav ethe ceremony on home plate.  We have a very small wedding quest list so we are planning on having brunch at a restuarant.  We are on a budget but I think if they told me they could book us for only the ceremony on turner field I would book it tomorrow and surprise my fh!  I think this is a surprise he would like! 
  • Make sure the venue will let you use peanuts! Our's wouldnt let us used shell peanuts so we are doing Cracker Jacks & Big League Chew. My fiance is also buying his groomsmen personalized Detroit Tigers jerseys to wear into the reception. We are also have a guestbook and along with the guestbook we are going to have a jersey for guests to sign.
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  • ToriJWG -- We are huge Atlanta Braves fans too! Well I have been since I was little, then when I met FI I turned him into a fan =) I LOVE LOVE Chipper Jones! hehe I have met him & had my picture taken with him (oh my gosh I was in heaven!) We are having a baseball theme to our wedding & using the braves colors! I would LOVE to go to Atlanta sometime! We've been to 5 games/4 different stadiums & watched them play.

    Oh & by the way that would be soo AWESOME if you could get married @ turner field!!
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  • I was ina wedding last April that was a baseball theme...the boutennieres (excuse spelling) were a rose bud made from the leather on a baseball, white with the red thread. their invitations were ticket stubs, their tables were named after baseball players, the place cards were put on a poster that said Starting Line-up, they gave peanuts and cracker jacks, they are huge Oriole fans, so we wore orange dresses, she had tennis shoes on under her dress that were Oriole shoes...we signed baseballs instead of a guest book, and they got a baseball display case to put them in...they were introduced in to Oriole stumped on what else they had, but it was alot of fun.
    Good luck!
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  • my wedding will not be full on baseball theme but my fiance and I have decided to put touches here and there. We will def be using the baseball rose buds as the previous post mentioned (search on google "baseball rose" and you will find it) as well as instead of candy favors we will be placing a baseball at each setting with the date of our wedding printed on it and our 'autographs'. My fiance is constantly wearing a baseball hat, the only time he will take it off is for a sit down dinner or bed, so he is getting one to match our colors and having embroidory that lids does for the date of our wedding. I will prolly have one made too, I don't wear them as much as he does but i do wear them. 
  • My fiance and I are getting married at Coors field. Check to see if your local MLB park offers a ceremony option. We decided to use a home plate and baseballs for everyone to sign as our guest book. For favors we are getting small bags of sunflower seeds and dressing them up with ribbon. We are using baseball trading cards as you thank you's and announcements. Also there are several sites that make MLB garters. I picked my fiancés fav team and plan on surprising him. If you need any other ideas let me know.

    Some sites to check out:
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    Looking for Baseball themed flower options?  
    Check out the Baseball Rose.  

    Each rose has petals that are handmade from the actual leather cut off of a baseball.  They can be used for your bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, or even as party favors for your guests.  Best of all since they're artificial (including the stem) they won't die, so you have a lasting memory from your wedding that you could create a special display with in your home.

  • We are incorporating a baseball theme too. I jazzed up my flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow with the Cubs logo. I also made a sports themed cake topper.

  • Where did you get the buttons on the pillow and basket?   I am having a Cardinals wedding in Aug and would like to find something similar! 
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