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My fiance and I met in 2005 while he was training for his first triathlon with Team in Training and I was one of the Mentors helping everyone train and fundraise for the charity.  Then in 2007 he hired me as his personal trainer for a short while; immediately after we were best friends for 1 1/2 years and trained for triathlons nonstop...running, cycling, swimming almost everyday!  Eventually we became intimate and have been dating for about 1 1/2 years after that and are now engaged to be married in June 2010.We are doing a cost-effective wedding in my friend's backward.  Originally I wanted to have the whole wedding party wear fitness attire and literally "run" in for the short ceremony in the backyard.  Thereafter we would all change into simple, but nice dresses/suits for the reception and party the night away.   However now that I see all these beautiful wedding videos online, it makes me want to get married in a dress instead of the fitness attire, but I still want a unique fitness wedding since that is what we are all about!We both love running and we both workout together, and we still do triathlons here and there.  He's actually training for his first Ironman triathlon in July 2010 (month after we get married).  Any ideas on a creative way to make this work?  Maybe all of us literally "run" in wearing these dresses/suits??  Although I thought it was very unique and quite a surprise to all the guests if we come in wearing fitnes attire/running shoes and get married in fitness attire...I'm stumped!

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  • There are many things you can do to add touches of a fitness theme to your wedding:

    - Cake topper can be something related to running/working out
    - Table numbers can be names of places you like to go running/cycling, different weight training exercises, etc. Or you can leave them as your traditional numbers and then have the escort cards look like mini versions of marathon numbers (the ones you pin to your clothes)
    - For your reception entrance you can wear those tearaway track suits and rip them off as you "run" into your reception (with your nice clothes underneath obviously!)
    - You can create in invitation suite that definitely reflects your love for fitness together. I'm sure you could find someone on etsy to help create that for you

    Hope these ideas helped!! Sometimes you just need someone to give you a push in the right direction and then the ideas just keep flowing! Good Luck!

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