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Hockey Themed Wedding

I am planning a hockey themed wedding. We are going all out with the idea. Each table is going to be an NHL team. The flowers are going to be the teams colors. And as a favor/prop I am trying to find rally towels. I want each table to have different color towels. Any ideas on where to find them?

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    There are a lot of places online that will do custom rally towels. I believe has them but you can google custom rally towels and they will come up. Or you can go buy a pack of cheap hand towels at walmart and look into getting them screenprinted/embroidered (depending on what look you are going for). I am planning a Blues Themed Wedding and had looked into them. For a small wedding like ours (100 guests) it was a little out of our budget for favors to use an online company.
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    Not sure about rally towels but my brother & sister in law had little hockey sticks with their names & date on them as favors. They were a big hit, a lot of people we know now use them as Christmas ornaments since we're a huge hockey/figure skating family and most of our friends are as well..
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