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My fiance and I are HUGE hockey fans. Our favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers so we are incorporating them in to our wedding day. The team colors are black white and orange so those are going to be our colors. We're not going crazy and having hockey sticks, pucks or goalie nets, but we are using their colors and I'm going to create a hockey themed cake topper (with two hockey sticks crossed on top of a hockey puck base with our wedding day 9.10.11 written on the front.

Here's out planning so far.

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    We had a hockey themed wedding, it was a Bruins/Islanders wedding so we used Orange and Yellow as our colors and went to the hockey game after the wedding. 

    The grooms cake was a bruins hockey puck. And the guys had Bruins cufflinks.

    Pix of it all in bio.
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    we are planning a hockey theme wedding to and are totally stuck.  We dont agree on teams so we can not use the color scheme. are are looking at having the ceremony more traditional and non hockey related and having the reception all about hockey. I am going to check you your facebook page and take a peek at the other sites posted on here too.
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