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My FI and I both graduated from OSU.  We actually met at a cookout on South Oval.  So I thought it would be a great idea to have Scarlet and Grey colors through the wedding. 
So far my ideas are to put the maids and groomsmen in black with red accents and silver accesories.  I am still looking for a gown but looking for white with silver detailing.
Any other good ideas out there?  Has anyone been to an OSU themed wedding?

Re: OSU Theme

  • My fiance used to work for the OSU sports program - and I saw a lot of things happen at banquets and at tailgates that were really classy but cute. 

    Tan is a great accent color with the buckeye, and you can really use a lot of greenery to cut down on costs of flowers since the buckeye leaf is really popular. 

    The favors can be really cute - you could do something like a buckeye necklace, etc.  

  • Meggs9ut I was definatly considering buckeye necklaces for the bridal party,.  As for favors I like the idea but I with estimated guest list so far I am not sure I will find enough buckeye necklaces for the right price.  My mother is concerned about using too much greenery and making it look like Christmas with the red.  I did not think of using the buckeye leaves though and will have to pose that option.

    James2201 to get into the stadium we would have to pay extra, and honestly I havn't looked into how much extra.  The stadium is a little far from the church and reception site to be considered for day of pictures.  I am planning engagement pictures around the stadium and campus area.  I am also hoping to use some of these pictures in the centerpieces for the tables.  Put them in little holders with information about the area they were taken in.

  • O-H!

    An OSU-themed wedding sounds awesome.  My FI and I are doing a theme merging our favorite teams...I'm also an alum of OSU and my FI attended University of Cincinnati II'm currently finishing up grad work at UC but I bleed scarlet and grey), so we're merging the color scheme of both teams for the wedding.  I'm leaning towards having dark red/scarlet dresses with grey or silver sashes for my BP, and I'm looking for a white/ivory wedding dress with scarlet or red trim or alternately scarlet and grey sash.

    The buckeye necklace idea sound awesome.  I wouldn't rule it out if I were you.  Maybe you can DIY them instead of buying them premade and that might cut down on price?  I remember when I was an RA and we had students DIY them for themselves as a hall program the morning of homecoming.  We used string, thick needles. red/grey/white beads, and of course buckeyes.  I had mine for years before it broke :-(.  So maybe that might be an option...either that or buckeye bracelets instead?
  •   I - O!

    marinabreeze I have considered the idea of making the necklaces myself.  I have found buckey prices ranging from $0.17 to $0.40 per nut (not including shipping costs).  Which really isn't bad until I look at how many I would need to pass out as favors.  I personally like the necklaces that have ~18 nuts on them (which comes to 3,600 nuts for 200 necklaces)  I know I could use fewer nuts and more beads... but I think I would rather just do them for the wedding party and then I can make neckalces I would be proud of.
    I had tried on a few dresses with red accents and just really wasn't a fan, i much preferred the ones with the silver detailing.  I thnk perhaps it was the sparkly addition I got from the silver beads that really caught my eye.  I had also considered red dresses for the bridesmaids, but just haven't been impressed with the red colors on the dresses I have seen.

  • I think they silver accents would look really nice.. We are doing a PSU themed wedding and I am having blue dresses with white accents. I think the silver would look better (but that's just my opinion..prob b/c of the sparkly addition too, lol). But we just did our save the dates and we took our picture in our living room (against a white wall) in our penn state jersey's and then I "photoshopped" us into the PSU stadium using lunapic. Then I sent the picture to a place who can customize save the dates and they are making it look like a football ticket. I think making that necklaces are a great idea for the bridal party too.. other than that I'm stuck on what to do with favors also.
  • On the buckeye necklaces, that makes sense.  I wasn't sure how much the buckeyes would cost, and considering how many guests you have, I can see why you'd do it only for the wedding party.

    The silver detailing sounds like that would be really pretty :-).  I hadn't thought much about the "sparkle" factor, but when I actually start trying on dresses, it might be something to think about.  Good luck with planning!
  • We arent doing an OSU theme, but adding details like the groomsmen are wearing OSU socks and I bought a garter from Conrads to wear.  We are also having our bridal party enter to Seven Nations Army. 

    Also we got our engagement pictures in the stadium and if you set up a time before 4 they said it was free. We ended up booking it at 7pm, which was $50 but sooo worth it.
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