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How to add sports to non-sports wedding?

Any ideas for a non obtrusive way to add sports to our wedding.We are huge Redskins fans and I was trying ot think of a way to add it. The thing is, my wedding is a historic mansion and around the garden grounds. Any ideas aside from a grooms cake?

Re: How to add sports to non-sports wedding?

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    We are huge OSU buckeye fans and having our groomsmen wear OSU socks.  It will hopefully make for a good picture them all lifting their pant legs.  Adding little hidden details like that make for cute shots, but isnt overly themed
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    Team colors as wedding colors, the grooms cake, favors.
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    I'm getting a football themed cake topper, naming all the tables after NFL teams, picking sports anthems for our entrance music for the reception and for favours we're donating to a local sports charity. We're also doing our engagement pictures on a football field.
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    I know you want to do football, but here is how we are adding baseball into our wedding. 

    grooms cake of yankee stadium.
    our colors are blue and grey. which ironically, blue is his fav. color and grey is mine. weird i know, but it is.
    we are having peanuts and cracker jacks as the favors.
    groomsmen will be wearing NY yankee cufflinks. 
    and the groom will be wearing a very classy yankees tie.
    and my garter.
    tables are named after famous yankee players like babe ruth, jeter, yogi, ect. ill include some pictures :)

    so...for football, you could name/number the tables after players. 
    wear a themed garter. 
    have a football cake topper (picture included)
    do the seating cards, like a game ticket.
    leave a blank white jersey of your fav team as the "guestbook" so ppl can write on it as a keepsake. or put very small footballs on the tables so ppl can leave a note.
    do subtle things like the cuff links.....dont go over the top and make your isle runner astroturf with the yard line markers haha or have a sports announcer "introduce" your bridal party into the reception lol 
    i hope this helps!

    tie the groom is wearing.

    table cards. they have the players number, name and a little about them.

    table seating cards.
    football themed cake topper. :)

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    How about having rally towels at the reception, or having the bridal party wear shirts/jerseys of your favorite team as they are being announced??

    Have engagement pics done in a Redskins jersey on a football field.

    I got a custom cake topper from Seller is mudcards. She can put jersey's, hats, pennants...etc. on the topper.
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    My sweetheart and I are both cyclists. He races in the Men's Cat 4 , and I love doing centuries (100 mile rides). Have any suggestions on how to incorporate that sport into our wedding theme?

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    Our wedding colors are garnet and black to match our love for the University of South Carolina.  We're also having our engagement pictures taken on our football field, and my garter has Gamecocks on it.  It doesn't matter where your wedding/reception is, you can always work your sports love into it!  Btw, I'm also having my shoes dyed to match the bridesmaids' dresses as an extra pop of color... my mom wouldn't let me wear my Gamecock flip-flops, lol.
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    samanthajay- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your cake topper!!! It is absolutely perfect!!! My fiance played football and whenever we are out having fun I always run and jump on his back- where did you find it (if you don't mind me asking).

    PS this is my new favorite board- the sports themed is so much fun!!! We are planning on coming out with the bridal party banging hockey sticks then when they announce us hold them up as we walk under.  I also love the rally towel idea though too so I'm trying to figure out how to add that.  Anyone have advice on keeping it "classy"?   My fiance likes the ideas but we booked the reception at a pretty nice place and while he wants sports included he doesn't want it to seem tacky or trashy- I think it will be fun but am having a hard time convincing him that we can have fun and elegant all together!
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    You can google Redskins garter and get lots of sites that sell them.  I was planning a non-sports wedding but we decided to elope.  Our color were burgundy and yellow for the Skins!  I was planning on using these stickers to make my table numbers.  I was going to put TABLE where the name would go, then the number like a jersey.

    I ordered these from ebay.  I still have mine and am not using them.  If you are interested, send me a PM and they are yours.

    We ran off to Vegas and got married!
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    My FI and I met on the ice, he was my coach and I was learning to play 9 years ago.  SInce most of our life revolves around hockey friends, 2 of them have already done the bridal party on skates and one has done the grooms cake stanley cup so I am running out of ideas.  I was thinking about doing engagement pictures on the ice both wearing jerseys that say bride & groom on them.  I am going with a rustic theme so any ideas on how to incorporate so things into the rest of the wedding without being tacky? 
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    We are having a very traditional and elegantceremony and reception. So I was in the same place as you. Me and my finace are huge college football fans and wanted to find subtle ways to incorporate that. We had some pictures taken in our fan gear and we are putting them by his cake which is LSU's stadium. Then our guest book is going to be a jersey with my new last name as the name on the jersey and 13 the number to represent the year and we are having our guest sign the jersey. I will probaby put some of the pictures around this too to tie it all together. We figured this way we could incorporate it a little.

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    Our lives almost revolve around sports, so my fiance and I had invitations that look like sports tickets. We're also having our ceremony programs look like sports programs, with mug shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, their hometown, number, and position (MOH, BM, etc along with "Sister of the Bride" etc). His side says "Groom's Team" with a football field in the background while my side says "Bride's Team" with a map of a cross country course in the background. We took engagement pictures in sports jerseys and used the pictures for the invitations and programs. I actually designed them so it was much cheaper, but this website sells invitations and programs:
    We are entering the reception to the NFL on Fox theme song as my baseball announcer uncle announces each of us.
    We're staying away from sports decor at our actual wedding, but his mom is decorating the rehearsal dinner with a complete sports theme. We're wearing shorts and T-shirts for rehearsal and playing ultimate frisbee afterwards with the wedding party, ushers, and musicians.
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    We are adding sports with a basketball the wedding party is introduced as a starting lineup. I am thinking about using a basketball to sign in place of a guest book (Mom not excited about that) I am also wearing custom Chuck Taylors all day. Our tables will be named after teams that made it to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA basketball tournament this year. Our venue is a golf course with a fancy ballroom, so its too fancy to go all basketball, but these little touches should be fun.
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