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having trouble deciding on a color theme..

So, my fiancee is in the military (Air Force) so we were thinking of making Navy our main wedding color, but I've been looking at websites & magazines and it seems it's now the thing to have a color that compliments the main one. But now I'm confused.. Are you supposed to do black, white, navy and the next color? Or does navy take over black so it's white, navy and the complimenting color? I thought at first it would just be navy, B&W, but that seemed so boring. But I don't want to have too many colors and have it be over kill! I'm 23, I'm planning alot of this myself (family drama) so I'm a little new to the game. We aren't getting married for quite a while but I want to get ideas now. If any of you ladies could help me out, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Re: having trouble deciding on a color theme..

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    I'm not having a "traditional" color scheme, we're doing garnet and black in support of the University of South Carolina.  Which means the bridesmaids with be in garnet (red) and the groomsmen will be in black, and the tables will all be in some form of black and white.  In other words, you chose navy as your color, everything else is just details!  You don't have to choose any other colors if you don't want to.  Also, you may want to consider a lighter blue for your contrast color (think dress uniforms' shirt color - that is another blue, right?).  Ultimately, it's your decision, you can have as many or as few colors as you want!
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