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OMG you guys I am FREAKING OUT!!!

We had our wedding rehearsal a bit ago and EVERYONE was messing up!!! WTF? No one was paying attention except for the hired help and then liz was all like "well at DIANA's wedding..". Dude, its MY wedding and its MY special day and its like everyone is setting out to ruin it!! Willie couldn't even be there so hopefully he will actually remember the 2 things he is supposed to do. ::sigh:: Oh and no one wanted to wear the cute name tags I made for everyone so they could all get to know each-other better. Fine, be awkward for all I care.


I gotta go practice the carriage part in a bit - ugh. How hard can a carriage be to get in and out of - jeez they make such a big out of everything and I wont even be wearing my dress yet so ????. Don't worry they will still find some way to f**k it all up. I mean, hey why can't we just take our time the day of? The whole freakin' WORLD is watching ME surely we can just take a moment and not worry about the stupid clock!?


Ack! Am I over reacting? I just want this to be OVER!!!!


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