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Rally towels

FI and I aren't exactly having a sports themed wedding, however we are giving out rally towels at the reception.

I'm a huuuuuuge Phillies fan.  I can't even begin to count the number of rally towels I've collected from their games over the past few seasons.  Anyway, I decided I wanted everyone to wave rally towels when we were introduced at the reception.  It's not quite the same as 45k+ at a Phillies game, but I think it will look pretty cool.

Anyway, we order them through and they were delivered today!
Here's a crappy cell-phone picture of them.


Re: Rally towels

  • My friend did that for a wedding. It looked so cool when the bride and groom walked in. I have so many rally towels from Phillies games too. I've been contemplating this for awhile now. I really want to do it.
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  • I really wanted to do the towels.  And it's more for me than anything else, so if people leave the towels behind, I'm okay with that.  However, both of our families are huge sports fans so I think they'll like them.

    We're rolling the towels up and tying the escort cards to them with instructions to wave them (we'll also have the dj announce).  FIs aunt is a huge Yankess fan and we go back and forth about them a lot so I think we're going to wrap one of my Phillies rally towels inside hers as a joke.

    We paid $1.54/towel plus $42 in shipping for 200 towels.  Using only one color, instead of two, would have been 15 cents cheaper.  Also, we selected the velour towel because customer service said the regular towel isn't that great for two colors.  So that was an additional 15 cents each as well.

  • I love this idea!! So unique and personal, and I bet it will make for wonderful pictures!
  • Where can I get the rally towels??
  • It's so funny because after my fiance and I got engaged I automatically thought this would be a fun way to get us to kiss. Instead of clinking glasses everyone had to swing their towels around....
  • The rally towels were a huge hit.  My favorite part was actually pulling up to the hall after taking pictures (the guests were already there for cocktail hour) and seeing DH's 12 nieces and nephews standing outside waving them at the limo.  It was the cutest thing ever.

    I can't wait to see pro pictures but here are a couple shots of the towels being waved for the ring bearer & flower girl and my parents.

    Also, DH's aunt and cousin are from NY and are huuuuge Yankee fans.  Inside our rally towels, we wrapped two Phillies towels for them.  We weren't there when they got them, but they told us they thought it was hilarious.

  • My fiance and I are using rally towel as well.  We are huge Phillies fans and love the idea. Which song did you have you and your bridal party introduced to? Love the pics of the rally towels from your wedding!

  • We are using them as well, but not sure if I'm going to give as a favor or just for the bridal party. I love the idea!
  • Where did you the rally towels and what song did you walk into your reception to?
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