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New Knottie-Vintage Baseball (Red Sox)

Hi Ladies!  Thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Sarah, my FI and I got engaged at Fenway and LOVE baseball and the Red Sox so we are trying to incorporate that passion into our wedding, while keeping it classy. Im a huge fan of anything vintage, so we thiught we'd go with an vintage (Old Timey haha) baseball theme.  If anone has Ideas I'd love to hear them!

We are going to include cotton candy and cracker jacks in our cocktail hour haha

Tables will be named after retired Red Sox players.

hoping to do something with old baseball cards but not sure what.

OK-back to reading about all YOUR plans :)

Re: New Knottie-Vintage Baseball (Red Sox)

  • Well my fiance is a Red Sox fan and I am a YANKEES fan! (I know! The shame!) We met by me saying his Red Sux hat was ugly and his response was that I must me a Skankees fan. LOL!

    We are also doing a baseball themed wedding. Instead of a ring pillow, we are using my brother's catchers mitt and instead of a guestbook, we are getting a baseball bat for everyone to sign to hang in our living room.

    You could use the baseball cards for your the favor tags. I used the baseball cards as our save to date.
  • My photographer has an entry about a vintage baseball theme wedding (it was super cute!)
  • wow thanks for that link!  there was a lot there we had already thought of doing....but so mnay more GREAT ideas!!  Thanks again! Even my fiance was excited by the pictures haha
  • You're welcome.  I was excited about them, and we're definitely not having a baseball theme.  (Maybe football elements)
  • Well my FI is a HUGE yankees fan....i know i know.

    however, his brother is a HUGE red sox fan, so theres been a bit of a battle haha

    here are some ideas:

    he is wearing a yankee's tie and cufflinks
    my garter is yankees themed
    the tables are named after players.
    favors are peanuts and cracker jacks/ baby ruth candy bars
    the seating cards are a "ticket"
    the guest book is a jersey to sign. (i like the baseball idea too!)
    or you could have a "game ball" at the table for people to sign.....
    the grooms men could actually wear red sox...
    instead of throwing a bouquet, you could "pitch" a ball haha
    decorate your tables with a bit of sand...not too over the top lol
    ask your photographer if during the reception you guys could set up an area (not in the main area) where his assistant (if u get one) will take pictures of people being silly with basesball props you leave out. like a mit, bat, ball, jerseys, kleets, socks, helmet, ect. that way you can see all the pics afterwards haha

    during the reception designate someone to go around with a candy/peanut/beer cart going like they would at the game :) 

    Im not sure how over the top you want to go, but i hope this helps!

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