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Looking for end of the world ideas

So I've just started really trying to get ideas for our wedding. We'll be signing at our venue for December 21st or December 22nd, I just have to check with our Church to make sure of the date. But we're trying to get a whole Winter/Goth/End of the world theme. I've been playing with dark blue, dark purple, silver, black, and white for possible colors. I'm thinking no red since its so close to Christmas. We won't be having many flowers, most centerpieces will be tree centerpieces and candles with blue uplighting in the ballroom. I know I'm definitely going to be giving out end of the world "survival kits" for out of town guests. I'm just kinda stuck atm for where to go. I was hoping someone might have some suggestions for things we could do, especially for pulling in the end of the world idea.

Re: Looking for end of the world ideas

  • That's a fun idea, but I wouldn't go too overboard, theme-wise.  Maybe you can do something fun with the invitations, menus and/or escort cards.  I found this on Amazon, it looks like a tongue in cheek book about the end of the world and preparations you can make:
    I thought the book cover was hysterical-maybe you can incorporate something like this somehow.
    You could give cigars as favors-isn't that kind of a "well that's it, let's light up" kinda thing?
    Maybe you can get a custom "bunker" cake topper, that would be hilarious. 

    That's all I got. :)
  • Yeah, I know what you mean about not going over board with the theme. Just trying to get ideas and see what blends together and what I will just have to put aside.

    On another note, I love your ideas! You definitely get what we're trying to do.

  • If this is late night reception you could have a new years eve style count down to the 'end of the world' and drop confetti and have toasts at midnight!
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  • wow my mind went blank on this one normally I would get ideas for end of the world kind of stuff. From like movies and video games. Good Luck. If any ideas come to my mind I'll try to post back on here. ^_^
  • If you want unique, goth, original art work that is out of this world, you should check out my work at

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  • This is NOT the forum to advertise your business, which you know, because it's in the terms and conditions you accepted when you signed up on these boards.  You've been reported.
  • There are several themes you can do for an end of the world party - Mayan, Zombie apocalypse, aliens, but I suggest you go with Asteroid.  Formal attire, yet the food can be simple - piles of donuts, pizza, cheeseburgers - whatever you think of when you hear "gluttony."  The theme is basically everyone living it up before the ship sinks.
    Encouraging guests to write down one thing they want to do before they die on nametags was suggested on one website, but like everyone has said, it's a fine line between celebration and a little bit morbid.
    Personally, I think it's all in the details - you could print up some fake pamphlets on "how to survive a zombie attack" or nuclear fallout or something to spread around. 

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