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We are having a halloween wedding in October of 2013, and I am having a very hard time comming up with decoration ideas, centerpeice ideas and such without it being gaudy or childish. If its possible I would like to have a tastful, classy halloween wedding... Our colors are Black, Purple, and Silver..... any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: HELP!!

  • I'd check out Pinterest and Google Images.  Just put in "Halloween Wedding" and you'll find tons of images that can inspire you. 
  • Keep it classy and simple, silver candelabras. If you can't have candles at your venue, drip them with purple roses and black pearls. Get some purple and black votive containers to surround it, can't find purple and black? Pick up some clear and fill with black and purple votive candles. No candles allowed? Spray paint the votives or paint with glass paint from your local craft store to make them purple or black. Try to stay away from making them opaque so the candle will make the glass glow with color. Use a black tablecloth and top with a purple damask runner. For favors, since its halloween, go with masqurade masks. Congratulations on your wedding! October is a wonderful month to get married I love the fall!
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