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my next project

So here's my dress that was purchased MANY years ago (long story). I loved it back then but not so much anymore. I love the detailing but it's needs to fit my style now. So here's what I want to do:

First off, I LOVE the corset-style top, but I don't want a halter so what i want to do is get rid of the straps and create an off-the-shoulder flowy little scoop sleeve.

For the skirt, again I LOVE the detailing but I want to raise the front to mid-calf with a litttle tulle showing.  I love the look of the "wavy-bundling" that some dresses have and hopefully I can acheive that. I want to keep the back long and just have the look emphasize the train and the ribbon detailing.

My friends and I are calling the look "the hot mess". I just want a very wood-nymph feel with the play of hard and soft textures and a traditional feel with the unexpected "did she just roll out of bed it that" vibe as well. It just fits my personality to a "T"

The dress has never been altered, just basically bought off the rack. The wedding is not until september of next year so I am wondering, is it too soon to start scouting dressmakers? Do I look for a dress maker or a seamstress? I am so completely clueless on how to even get my vision started!

I'm definetly not worried about gaining or losing weight, basically been the same size for years, I just have no idea how long a project like this will take. Any help will def be appreciated!

Re: my next project

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    I would start looking for a seamstress or dressmaker now. I think it's never too early to get things done. Do you know anyone who has had a dress made or altered that has had a good experience with a local seamstress? If not maybe you could start with your bridal shop or any other bridal shop in your idea. Do you have any pictures of gowns similar to what you want your gown to look like? That would be really helpful since most dressmakers/seamstresses are very visual people.
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    Start looking now. Unless you have a friend or family member who's an accomplished seamstress/tailor/wardrobe mistress, it can take a couple months to get your alterations back, not leaving much time for adjustments. Make sure (s)he really listens to your ideas and is honest about their professional opinion of the "hot mess". If they are on your wavelength, they will steer you well and save you headache in the long run.
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    I'm located in the tristate area. Basically work in schenectady, live in troy and go everywhere in between!

    If you can PM me that info, that would be great!
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