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Wedding Date?

I know we have a few Halloween brides on here, so which date did you pick to get married and why? If you did pick Halloween, what is it about the holiday that tempted you to choose it?

Re: Wedding Date?

  • I love everything about Halloween It's just such a fun and different atmosphere. Costumes, ghost stories, haunted houses, and candy...what could be better? Plus, having our wedding on Halloween gives us a great excuse to host a kickass party every year.
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  • We picked the weekend before so we could celebrate 2 weeks in a row :P

  • Haha. Good plan!
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  • I'm jealous of all the Halloween brides.  I wanted a Halloween date but Mom and FI said 'no'.  So I settled for November because that's when "Day of the Dead" is... and shot for the 27th because its a Friday that most people have off that month, so its cheaper for our reception site.  And I didn't want to remember a date for our anniversary, so we're going for the Day after Thanksgiving as our Anniversary date. :D
  • Honestly, I'm sad we didn't go more into goth than we did. STDs, Invites & photosharing cards are fall-esque. But they're all branches (like the woods in Corpse Bride) so it does fit. But skulls and crossbones would've been rad. Ah well.

  • I woulda gone all out on the 'Day of the Dead' theme but our families are super tradition and what we're doing is already like whoaaa way out there for them.   
  • I started a new post above about regrets. Ugh. Is this the start of the blues?

  • We are doing simple and small on Halloween this year. We love Halloween and we always host a big party anyway so it just made sense.
  • I like your frog.

  • I love Halloween! I had suggested it and FI objected at first, but then I lucked out that the venue I wanted was available on that day! I tell family that it was because he has a big work convention at the beginning of October, but it is really because I love Halloween! LOL
  • Ha! That's badass.

  • I really wanted Halloween but it wasn't available at the venue we wanted, so we took the day after. Hopefully people will still be into the Halloween mood and will dress up!
  • I chose Halloween. Ever since I was little I wanted to get married on Halloween. I wanted a gothic themed wedding on Halloween for a long time. Hopefully it will turn out to be a Gothic Fairytale type theme. He is perfectly fine with that and helped me think of an idea to make the cake even better. Plus his family is extremely into Halloween as well. I don't think my mom will like it..any of it except for me marrying him,but oh well.
  • I have chosen a Halloween wedding as well. Our date is 10/30/09. I just bought my dress today. I wanted a black and white dress but in Baton Rouge there are none to be found. I am super excited. I always said if I ever got married I would do it on Halloween..
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