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Today FI went to go see the party bus and put down the deposit.Funny that the 5 times I talked to the woman at the limo place, she didn't mention our date was ALREADY BOOKED.The heat index was 94 degrees this afternoon and I had to drive 40 minutes home in my car which is in the crapper and no longer has A/C.So FI surprised me with a lime chiller from Sonic... which he promptly knocked on the floor.Frick.

Re: Frick.

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    Aww that sucks! Sorry to hear that :(
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    Poor thing! You have my sympathy. There ought to be some kind of vendor voodoo doll you can check out at the library for occasions such as this....give them a nasty hang nail or something. :)I love those lime chillers! I would've been seriously bummed.
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    Vendor Voodoo doll... I like it.  Fortunately, a couple sips managed to stay in the cup.  Otherwise I might have been slurping it off the linoleum.
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