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Shake. Your. Rump-ah!

Check! It's a little early but we got most of our invites out today for our 10.24 reception. There are a few that we will hand deliver, but other than that, we're good to go. What are you excited about?

Re: Shake. Your. Rump-ah!

  • Phew... I was worried for a moment there that mine were grossly overdue to go out.  Congrats on getting yours out!I'm excited about the invitations, too.  They only cost $25 to print and they came out looking awesome!  The woman at Office Max said they were the nicest home-made invitations she's seen since she's been doing print work.  Ok, done being an AW.
  • We are getting married 10.31 and we sent all of ours out. I am justifying it because they are due 10.10. I just wanted to put them together and get them out! LOL! We got some nice feedback, it's exciting! We also got engagement pics taken Tues. night. Late on some things, early on others, oh well! And I think that I finally got through to FI that he needs to help! LOL!!
  • amb, our rsvp date is 09.24 to give us plenty of time to finalize things. J was actually the one who wanted to get them out ASAP. It just so happened I finished addressing them and we had stamps so... we went to the post office yesterday. I just got a text from a friend saying she got hers today and they are beautiful. Aww... there's my aw.

  • We sent ours out this week to and we are getting married on Halloween with an RSVP date of October first. We only sent them to people in Newfoundland so there's no chance of them blabbing to the Alberta people and ruining our surprise. We found the candles that we want to use as a big chunk of our decor for 1.25 a piece at a dollar store here in town. On a boo urns note my size dress is no longer available at the online shop I was going to get it from so now I am starting to panic about what to wear...
  • Oh no! You don't have a dress yet? What were you looking for? Can you order it in a size bigger and have it altered down? J's mom bought a dress for me that I'm not using. Let me know what you're looking for and maybe we can help you find what you need/want.

  • I can't believe it...like almost right after I posted I checked the site that the dress was on and my size was back!!! I snapped it up. Hopefully it fits. It's not your typical wedding dress since our wedding is far far from typical.
  • That's very exciting! Glad you found your dress!

  • We're finally getting on with our invites too!!! We got them all mostly assembled, just doing a trial run to make sure the font and wax seal will make it through the mail machines.
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