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I just...

woke up.  And it's glorious.  How's everyone today?

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    Ha! By the time you posted that, I was already out the door running errands. We had to go to J's mom's church to drop off sandwiches, then off to his Aunt's for a family bbq. Now we've been home about 30 min and tired. I just want to relax and unwind. And we also have 8 people added to the guest list. Yay!
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    Sounds like today was productive.  I kicked FI's butt in Monopoly.  FMIL threw a surprise birthday party for FFIL two months ago.   I ended up surprised as well because FMIL suddenly remembered that she didn't invite the cousins from FI's dad's side- about 12 people.  At least she hasn't added any more people to the list since. 
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    OOO I kick J's butt in Monopoly all. the. time. But on Wii! It's really the best game ever. If you don't have it, you need to get it. Is it bad that I'm hoping 30 people decide not to come? I really want something small and we're hoping for about 60. Not 90. Ugh :(
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    Not bad at all.  I'd love for 30 people not to come.  Maybe even 50.  I wanted a small wedding.  FI has way too much family, so we're at almost 200.  I can't wait to get the invites out and cross my fingers that the NOs start pouring in.
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    Ha! Me too!
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