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What's your favor?

Witchys_Woman's answer in the food poll got me thinking. Are you doing a favor? If so, what?

Re: What's your favor?

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    We have a few, I guess. But not by our choice.1. personalized matchbooks (that we got when our wedding was going to be on the beach - we were going to tie them together with sparklers as a favor)2. flavored honey sticks (they are delicious. we've picked out about 6 flavors)3. Hubbies - which are a brand of VA Peanuts (My mom decided she wanted to give out something edible other than honey - she wasn't keen on the honey idea, so I told her if she wanted them there, she could pay for them. We got the idea for the Hubbies brand from my knottie friend - Jesse'sGirl718 - who had them in her OOT bag - they were yummy!)We haven't figured out how we will "hand" all of these out. I think we might just have them all in a small bag with their escort card or just randomly strewn around our venue and have people get them as they wish.  Or have some of them in an OOT bag if we do them. We're not too sure yet.
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    We're doing mini tequila bottles w/ a custom label, w/ our name, date, and 'day of the dead' bride and groom.  We're also gonna double them up as those escort card things. 
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    We are doing a donation to the Ohio SPCA. Both our dogs are rescues and I have done some volunteering at a local shelter plus FI's fam raised AKC Shelties in Texas, we figured it would be a good match for us.
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    Mini-tequila??  Amazing!We're doing a candy buffet.  We thought it would be fun for Halloween.  We're going to put the cellophane bags at each place setting with a sticker or a card that says they should fill it up on their way out, in not so many words.  :) 
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    Haha. Well I already gave mine away but not the flavors :) We're getting blue bubble gum (the mr's fave flavor) and Green Apple (my favorite). They have our picture on the front and a little story about us on the back.
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    Yup!  We wanted something that ppl would actually use. :)
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    We're going Halloweenish as well. We're getting caramel cheesecake apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (only half rolled in grahmn cracker crumbs), and I'm putting Jack Skellington faces on them. Edible and very fall-like!
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