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What's in your OOT bag?

Are you doing an OOT bag? What kind of goodies are you throwing in there?

Re: What's in your OOT bag?

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    I have not fully decided on it yet. But I am thinking about a local visitors guide, some local chocolate, and buckeyes (a Ohio confection w/ pb and chocolate) a bottle of Jones soda (not really sure why, we just love it) and possibly some homemade granola.
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    Buckeyes & Jones soda. Swoon! Feel free to do my bags, too. :P
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    I think we're foregoing the OOT bags.  Our friends and FI's family are mostly from around here.  I don't have too much family, and most of them can already find the mall.  I've got my bridesmaids, parents, grandparents and a few aunts.  Either people are going to be with me, or FI, or they're old and probably going to drive in late and leave early.  I can't imagine what my grandmother might want in an OOT bag other than maybe some Prozac because she HATES traveling.
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    All our guests are from the Red Deer area unless by some miracle the people we invited from Newfoundland actually make it but that is highly highly doubtful since they are mostly in their 80's and in failing health :(
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    We are doing bottled water, pumpkin spice Kashi granola bars, apples, aspirin, schedule, map, cute pumpkin candle holder with local chocolates in it, local postacard, and mints. And I am debating about making chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. We'll see how much time I have! (Seems like never enough)
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