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Portable PA System enough?

We're not hiring a dj because of budget issues. We're going the iPod/iTunes laptop route. I found a Portable PA with an iPod hookup that blasts music up to 150 yards away. I know it's not a full on system, but do you think it will be enough to provide background music for up to 90 people (probably more like 60-70)? Are you having an iPod reception? Our venue doesn't come with a system so I'm trying to figure out the best way possible to get music played for people to enjoy.

Re: Portable PA System enough?

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    We're not having an Ipod reception, since our DJ is a part of our package at our reception location. I have gone to a wedding though that had an Ipod reception.  It was a small wedding, and maybe it was just the crowd but not many people danced.  Also, no one was really MC'ing, so I would wonder who would introduce you guys, announce first dance, all that jazz... Are you having a friend do it???If you are gonna go that route, I'd be sure to test it out, maybe have FI play it and you see how far you could hear the music.  And maybe you could add additional speakers if need be.  There are some really good speakers out there that are small but have great sound.  Sorry this is so long. HTH! :)
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    When I was in marching band, we had a portable PA that we charged every night and hooked up to mic a few people who has solos.  You could hear it well into the bleachers.If you've got something like that as opposed to say, an iHome device, I don't see why it wouldn't work.  I agree with pp that you should test it first, but bear in mind that it will sound different in an empty room vs a room full of people.  It also depends on the size of the room and its natural acoustics.  We are having a DJ.  I have a lot of geeky music friends with their own equpiment, but after Eric's amp blew out at the Halloween party last year, I decided we needed someone legit.  FI used to work at a summer school program with one of the guys at a local DJ company, so we got a discount. 
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