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wednesday... blah

Blah.  I was in the middle of an email conversation with my wedding coordinator Friday afternoon to schedule a time for us to meet and go over some details.  I've emailed her, called her, and emailed her again, and I still haven't heard from her.  I understand that she works strange hours sometimes.  (Last time she "disappeared" it turned out she was in Philly at a conference.)  But if you were in the middle of making plans with someone and had to go, don't you think you might mention something like, "Hey, I'm not going to be in the office for a few days, so wait until such and such date if you need to reach me."?  Or maybe put up an out of office message?  Or do I just expect too much from people?  I'm just on my lunch now.  And I have to meet FMIL at 5:30 tonight at a bridal boutique because she didn't like any of the 17 or so other dresses she tried on at the other two boutiques.  I'm beginning to feel like Wednesday is the new Monday.End rant.I hope Wednesday is treating everyone else better!

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    Today was good and bad. Not TERRIBLE but found out some not so fun info. Blah. Amblizman, I hope that your day/evening got better. And that FMIL found a dress.
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    Yeah, so.. according to FI apparently FMIL has already been there and put down a deposit.  But she called me at 5:30 as I was on my way there and told me they were closed.  Then FI called me and explained that the shop had called earlier and left a message for FMIL to call and make an appointment to come in and try on the dress she ordered.  FMIL did not call them back since she was already planning on going and also their hours were listed until 6pm.  Mostly I don't know what I needed to be there for in the first place since she apparently already bought the dress.  Ugh.What did you find out that was not so fun?  (If you don't mind me prying.)
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    EEEEEEEEEEEhhhh, it's not about me, so I'd rather not say. But thanks for asking :) So what did you end up doing with your time off? :)
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    I walked around the Christmas Tree Shop for an hour and went home.  Super exciting.
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    HA! You made me laugh out loud. My cat looked at me weird.
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