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Centerpiece vases

I forget which thread I posted about vases. I called the company. The vases are plastic. It would take 2 days UPS ground and cost $9 for shipping. So that would make them each $1.40 apiece. They look pretty nice in the picture, but I don't know if plastic vases are going to look cheap regardless. (I will attempt to put my mock-up centerpiece pics in my bio.) Any thoughts?[IMG][/IMG]

Re: Centerpiece vases

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    Ok.. I've literally done this like 6 times and the Knot keeps putting the mystery <br> in a different spot in the link every single time.  It's going in my bio.
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    Did you put them in your bio, b/c I can't find them. Unless I'm completely dense, which is quite possible. :)
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    Technically, I did.  Of course, saving the changes would be have useful.  It should be up now.
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    I don't think it will make them look cheap and I doubt your guests would really notice. I say go for it if that's what you really want!
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    After going to New Jersey to check another Dollar Tree, I found the clear cylinder vases today at Target for 99 cents apiece.  They only had four, so I have to go to another location tomorrow to get the rest they're holding for me.  I liked the red ones, but I hate buying things I can't see in person and they didn't seem to swift over there when I called for the freight quote.Problem solved.  :)
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    Nice! Yay!
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