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Officiant gift?

We're having a halloween themed wedding. The ceremony is going to have some Wiccan aspects added but overall its supposed to be interfaith, non denominational. My Catholic family & most others attending would fall over or pray for my sould if it was all out Wiccan but thats not the issue. Our officiant is a Wiccan High Priestess. Ive known her for year. I started out going to her for psychic readings at a metaphysical store, then attending her open circle moon/sabbat meetings. I have a corsage for her for the ceremony & of course she'll be at the reception but gift wise I'm lost. What do you get for the witch who probably has everything she wants? I suppose a donation to her organization/church would be in order regardless but I wanted something for her personally as well.

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    My Uncle is actually officiating our ceremony, and we want to get him something, too. The general reply here is "gift card". Not really original but it works. Maybe a kickass piece of Wiccan jewelry? Or something she could use for her psychic readings?
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    My best friend is a pastor with the Assemblies of God, and even though we're having a handfasting, she's all about being our officiant. We thought about getting her a gift card, but I hope to find something more personal...Check out the sellers whitemagic and whimsicalwitch on etsy. I love their stuff, and has great gifts too.HTH!
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